LINUX : The apt choice when it comes to Security

LINUXIn the recent findings by UK’s Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), declared that Linux is the apt choice when it comes to security. The CESG conducted the test based on the following scenarios :

1. VPN

2. Disk Encryption

3. Authentication

4. Secure Boot

5. Platform Integrity and Sandboxing

6. Application Whitelisting

7. Malicious Code Detection and Prevention

8. Security Policy Enforcement

9. External Interface Protection

10. Device Update Policy

11. Event Collection for Enterprise Analysis

12. Incident Response

The goal was to see which platform would pass most of the 12 tests. The winner, Ubuntu 12.04, was far ahead of both Windows 8 and Mac OS X. The CESG site contains all of the findings, or you can read the summarization of the report. From the summary:


“All in all, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS stacks up as the most secure of the current desktop and mobile operating systems. Supported by Canonical with free security updates for 5 years, and without malware problems, it’s hard to beat in official public sector applications. We are working hard to close the gap and make Ubuntu clearly stand out as the most trustworthy operating system for the future and we hope to make excellent progress before our next LTS release in April 2014, 14.04 LTS, which will be even better.”


After the entire test was conducted with the available OS in the market, the fact came out of the box. No OS, other than Ubuntu 12.04, made it through the entire test patterns. Neither Windows nor Mac OS could come closer to Ubuntu 12.04. The only challenge was thrown by Samsung devices running Android version 4.2.

The Ubuntu 12.04 was the choice because its the most recent Long Term Support (LTS) release. The team is also waiting for the release of 14.04 which they think “might” overcome/beat the 12.04 in terms of the twelve scenarios for which 12.04 passed 9 scenarios and had zero significant risks. Windows 8 passed seven with 1 significant risk. OS X passed eight tests with zero significant risks.

People have been wondering about the best choice of the OS. There have been numerous events and researches made by several agencies in this regards. But none of them could be trusted as the events conducts were sponsored. Now, its the green signal by a Government agency which involves the right money and trustworthy delegates.

No business will run without a proper security measures in it. And still there are whole lot of Desktops running with the Windows XP to control the business. Its high time that people start thinking over the plus points that a Linux OS can bring to their door steps. With this test in the exact time, have made given the choice to the customers, whether to go with Linux or to put Windows in rest 🙂 The choice still remains ONE 🙂 🙂

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