Monthly Archives: September 16, 2016

Why KVM VPS is required ahead of Shared and Reseller Hosting ?

HostDime now focuses more on Managed VPS/Virtual Machines based around Virtualization technology known as KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine). Using KVM VPS product we can offer shared and reseller hosting in a more private, customizable, and secured environment. Our state-of-the-art data center hosts these SSDs and it has been upgraded with a fiber 10 Gbps, which… Read more »

Restricted Shells: rssh and scponly

Rssh and scponly are two of the most important shell commands used by sysadmins and they limit the operations for a Linux user. This tool can create a particular user who is only allowed to copy files via scp and hence won’t be permitted to log into the system’s command line. If you possess online… Read more »

Why so VPS ?

Website will play a key role in building your business and so it is important to improve the same as the business grows. Most of the entrepreneurs prefer to host their websites in basic shared hosting packages, considering the low cost and fully managed services. But as the business grows the number of visits will… Read more »


  Why Engintron..? Undoubtedly Apache HTTP software is the most popular web server used across the world. It is the web server component of the popular LAMP. It was developed in the year 1995. It was developed by Robert McCool. Because of its wide popularity it has gained documentation and integrated supports from other software… Read more »

Features of REDIS

Redis or Remote Dictionary Server, is an in-memory data structure that can be used as cache, database and message broker. The open source software supports data structures like lists, hashes, strings, sets, bitmaps, sorted sets with range queries and hyperloglogs. Since June 2015, the development of Redis is sponsored by Redis Labs. Earlier, it was… Read more »

LiFi – The next generation in Connectivity

Technology and innovations have revolutionized the way we live and they in fact made our life easy. Earlier people used to communicate by writing mails and wait for months to get a reply. Currently, we have audio/ video conferencing features at our finger tips in the form of mobile / other hand-held devices. The other… Read more »