Monthly Archives: October 28, 2016

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing otherwise known as pen testing helps in finding out vulnerabilities associated with networks and web applications. The scope and nature of pen test highly depends on the drivers of the Organization, who can influence targeted goals like target selection, scope, assumption etc., and it is done for various reasons. Example – If the… Read more »

OPNsense a user friendly firewall

The growth of internet has prospered unethical practices like hacking and intrusion. The threats and vulnerabilities can prove lethal for companies. No wonder, measures are now taken to secure the network environment and still there are reports on a daily basis about the cracking attempts. A number of hardware and software are now available to… Read more »

Netcat, a powerful computer networking utility

Netcat is a powerful computer networking utility that performs large number of network related tasks and stores output into a file. It is designed to be a dependable utility, which can run independently or in parallel with other programs and scripts. In short, Netcat is an open source tool that comes with innumerable functionalities. The… Read more »


Cloud computing is the latest advancement in technology and the key concept here is virtualization. Virtualization software separates a physical computing device by dividing it into one or more ‘virtual’ devices, each of which can be easily used and managed to perform computing tasks. The operating system–level virtualization such as Docker, creates a scalable system… Read more »


Website and application hosting are emerging as highly potential areas in the service industry. As hosting technologies are getting updated quite often, it is important for the techies to update themselves to keep pace with technology. Grid computing technology has been around for a long time but was never been properly introduced into the area… Read more »

A Powerful System Monitoring Tool called Glances

The System Administrator relies on monitoring tools to monitor and debug the system performance every day. A number of system monitoring tools are now available in Linux distributions. System admins always rely on the top command that comes as default with every Linux distributions. Although the tools come in a variety of options, nothing gives… Read more »

Advantages of Docker technology

This blog helps you to understand in-depth about ‘Docker’ technology and its benefits. The technology is useful in distributing the application you are using without worrying about the compatibility requirements. From a layman’s viewpoint, the docker packages the application with its entire dependencies like libraries, binaries etc., that are required to run the software or… Read more »