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Account Migration Service

Transferring data can be complicated, but not when HostDime makes it simple for you and your clients!


HostDime understands that switching providers can be stressful and time-consuming. Every minute dealing with migration is a minute taken away from generating sales and adding revenue to your business. Luckily, HostDime is here to help with this hassle; introducing the Fully Managed Data Migration Service!

Let our team of experts fully handle your migration from your current host to your new customizable HostDime server. As a leading managed hosting provider for over 10 years, HostDime has handled hundreds of thousands of migrations from external hosts, as well as internally between servers. This valuable experience allows us to develop a Managed Data Transfer process that works the first time, every time. Rest easy knowing you’re trusting your migration to the most capable and experienced team in the hosting industry.

Once you have an active package on HostDime’s infrastructure, open a transfer request and speak directly to a transfer team member to create your customized plan so that our team can begin your migration with as little delay as possible.

To ensure the smoothest transition, we’ll inform you every step of the way, from start to completion, as well as a follow-up to confirm a successful transfer. If you have root access to your previous account (VPS or Dedicated Server), we can forward the DNS to minimize DNS propagation time once you update your nameservers. We will forward the DNS for all of the accounts in this transfer upon request.

For a successful transfer, your current hosting environment only needs to meet the following:

  • Valid cPanel license on source server.
  • Valid username and password to all hosted accounts being migrated and/or root access to source server.
  • Adequate free space for the needed backup creation (in some cases this may require between two and three times the size of the total disk space your accounts are currently using).

Transferring data can be complicated, but HostDime makes it simple for you and your clients. Regardless of the type of account you have, we can handle any request with ease and affordability.

* If you already have an active package and are ready to submit the Transfer Request Form, just follow these directions. Please allow 6-12 hours for initial processing of your Transfer Request Form. If you’re unsure what package would fit your needs, please contact our Sales Team or hop on live chat for a quicker response.

You Have Questions, HostDime Has Answers

Q: Is the Managed Migration Service free?

A: HostDime provides free cPanel account transfers for all new accounts (less than 30 days from sign-up date). Transfer requests submitted after this 30-day period are subject to transfer fees based on source account size. The following pricing guide is to be used for transfers where the client has passed their 30 day "New Account" period:

Total Account Size

  • 0-500MB
  • 500MB-1GB
  • 1GB-5GB
  • 5GB-10GB
  • 10GB-20GB
  • 20GB-50GB
  • 50GB+(Requires root or SSH access)
  • 1000
  • 1500
  • 2000
  • 2500
  • 3500
  • 4500
  • 5500

*GST is not included and is an additional 18%.

Please note we will not assist with transfers from cPanel accounts into addon domains. If you have an addon domain that you’d like to move to it’s own cPanel account, we will be unable to assist unless you purchase a dedicated server.

Q: How long do migrations usually take?

A: There is no general answer to that question as the time frame for a migration depends on the amount and type of data being transferred, the health of the source server, and the network connection from the source server to the destination server on our network. Be aware that the transfer process can take up to 24-48 hours to complete; the process may even be longer than that if the total transfer amount is large (20GB+) or if network speeds between the two servers do not allow it to proceed quickly.

Q: Will there be any technical issues or downtime during my migration?

A: While we cannot speak to the stability and reliability of a remote server not on the HostDime’s network, we can say that there should not be any downtime during the actual migration process itself due to what HostDime technicians are doing.

Q: How does the actual migration work?

A: In the cases that we have root access to the server, we have the ability to sync data and re-import databases. Given basic cPanel access to the server our options are more limited to backing up the account via passive FTP and restoring.

Once this is completed, you can test your accounts. Upon successful testing we will, if possible, forward your DNS A Records from the source server to the HostDime server, perform a final rsync of data, and let you know that the migration has been tentatively completed. Within 24-48 hours, if we don’t hear back from you, we’ll follow up one last time and, if there is no lingering issues, mark the migrations as successfully completed at which time you can update your nameservers for your hosted domains at the registrar level. There is normally some propagation time associated with DNS changes but since our team had already forwarded DNS A records from the source server, if possible, propagation should be minimal.

Q: If I have any questions at all during the process, who can I contact?

A: For every migration, there is a corresponding ticket. You can either reply to the ticket with questions or contact us via phone or live chat and reference the Ticket ID to get a real-time update regarding your migration. We’re here to assist you as best possible so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.