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Data Center Main Floor - Live Feed

Data Center Img1


This is a live feed of HostDime’s 20,000 square foot data center located in Orlando, Florida. Data center video feeds are updated every second.

Our Datacenter

HostDime's datacenter floor currently houses over 9000 servers, with the power and infrastructure in place to accommodate double that amount.


Racks in the colocation room feature independently locking quarter, half, and full cabinets. Colocation start as low as $100 a month.

Data Center Img3

Colocation Room (Camera A)

Data Center Img4

Colocation Room (Camera B)

Data Center Img5

Colocation Room (Camera C)

Data Center Img6

Colocation Room (Camera D)

Dedicated Servers

HostDime builds hundreds of servers from the ground up every month. Are you ready to begin customizing your own dedicated server?

Take a Video Tour

Check out the rest of HostDime’s data center with our 5 minute video tour.

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