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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HostDime India believes in support that is above and beyond. This in mind, we have created a helpful FAQ section for clients that are looking for a helpful information regarding our services. Should you want to ask any further questions, please feel free to contact us in our live chat, ticket system (Core) or by phone.

Section 1: General

Question: What is the difference between India and USA based hosting plans?

Answer: USA based hosting plans are hosted in our USA DC2 (Orlando, FL, USA). Our India based plans and servers are hosted in the India DC that we have partnered with in New Delhi, India. "India based" and "USA based" just refers to where the plans are hosted.

Question: Why are USA based plans so much cheaper?

Answer: Bandwidth, infrastructure and hardware are much cheaper to obtain in the USA. In developing regions such as the Indian subcontinent and South America , bandwidth costs are much higher, hardware has much less availability and hosting is more expensive overall.

Question: Can I enable anonymous FTP?

Answer: Our cPanel servers come with anonymous FTP access and with the ability to enable it via cPanel.

Question: Is FFMPEG supported?

Answer: FFMPEG is not something we have available on our shared and reseller servers due to the resource intensive nature of the software, however we do have dedicated servers that could easily support FFMPEG.

Question: Do you allow warez/adult websites on your servers?

Answer: We allow quite a bit of different forms of websites on our servers. We only ask that clients abide by our Terms of Service (Acceptable Use Policy).

Question: How long will it take to setup a hosting account? (shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server).

Answer: We guarantee that our shared, reseller and vps services are up within 24 hours. Our USA based servers are up within 72 hours (although usually within 24 hours) and our India based servers require a bit longer lead time of about 5 business days due to availibility with India based services.

Question: Is Javascript supported on linux based shared server?

Answer: We do support Javascript on our linux based shared servers for webpage use. As a matter of fact, this FAQ is coded with Javascript. :-).

Question: What is the maximum size I can send of an attachment?

Answer: The maximum attachment size is variable upon the hosting service that you have. In the cPanel servers (Exim) the maximum message size is defaulted to 50M in the "message_size_limit" variable for Exim. This is able to be modified by clients on dedicated environments.

Question: Can I run proxy service on my VPS?

Answer: Clients are free to run the software they deem viable for their needs in compliance with our Terms of Service.

Question: Do you allow IRC?

Answer: For the shared/reseller environment it is not optimal to run this service. It is much more viable to utilize this in a VPS or Dedicated server.

Question: How many mails can be send in dedicated and VPS server? (mails per hr)

Answer: There is no exact number of emails that are able to be sent in a VPS and dedicated server because there are many variables to consider. The best option for email in a server is configuring an email server for mass mail sending. Please be aware that all SPAM regulations are enforced on the HostDime network.

Question: Does HostDime sell or share customer information to a third party?

Answer: HostDime does not in anyway, shape or form. We believe in customer privacy to the fullest extent and would never engage in such activities. All client information is secure and not shared with any other organization.

Question: Do you actively monitor and manage your network 24/7?

Answer: HostDime has staff monitoring and supporting the services we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (and 366 days on a leap year).

Question: Do you have curl configured with the PHP install?

Answer: We do have cURL enabled on our servers and actually encourage the use of it. We prefer this to fopen and infact cURL is much more secure. In a dedicated environment we are able to help recompile Apache to include any module you would desire.

Section 2: Products/Services

Question: What is the difference between Shared/Reseller Hosting and Windows -> Shared/Reseller Hosting?

Answer: HostDime is primarily a Linux based host which is what our primary product line utilizes (Shared/Reseller Hosting with cPanel). HostDime does like to diversify prodcut offerings and gives an option of having Windows Based Shared Hosting and Windows Based Reseller hosting. The difference is the OS and control panel.

Question: Do you sell mail servers?

Answer: HostDime does not currently offer a email server product line, however we do custom servers for clients on a regular basis. We have and will work with any client to meet their needs and we are looking into offering even more versatile products in the future.

Question: Is overselling enabled?

Answer: Overselling is no longer enabled, we strongly encourage reading the Terms of Service (Acceptable Use Policy). Account limitations will supersede any feature that is done. Due to the overall quality we desire for our clients, we often must discontinue certain features. It is more beneficial to the clients to have real resource allocations.

Question: Do you provide Domain reseller and domain availability checker with reseller plans ?

Answer: We do provide domain reseller accounts for clients to utilize. We do not offer any tools for domain availability checking, however there are many tools available that can be implemented on a client's website.

Question: What is the maximum MySQL connections? Do you have Database Limits?

Answer: There are many server resource limits in place to protect the quality of service on our servers. We have them all listed on our Resource Abuse Policy.

Question: How many emails can I send from my account?

Answer: There is a limit on cPanel shared/reseller accounts. That limit is 350 emails per account per hour.

Question: Is SSH enabled on your shared servers ?

Answer: SSH is not enabled by default on the servers, however if a client would like Jailed SSH access we will enable it by request. A ticket has to be submitted via our help desk.

Question: Do you support Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Access?

Answer: We no longer support Microsoft FrontPage as it is EOL. Please see the following: FrontPage Extentions

Question: Do you provide web designing for your customers ?

Answer: We provide a few tools for clients. We provide Parallels SiteBuilder and we also have a couple of website building tools with Fantastico. We offer lots of Free Services with our products.

Question: Is it possible to install softwares and scripts in shared environment ?

Answer: We do allow for limited software and scripts installations. We offer Fantastico and Softaculous script repositories to install over 175+ scripts combined. This includes WordPress, Drupal and other softwares.

Question: Can I stream media from my account?

Answer: HostDime does allow for legal media streaming as long as the licenses for the music are valid and the account does not exceed its resource limitations.

Question: What different types of support you offer?

Answer: We offer our clients ticket, livechat and phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 days on a leap year).

Section 3: Billing

Question: What do you mean by prorated difference?

Answer: If there is less than a full month within a billing cycle, then the amount for the service will be prorated (portioned) to match the ratio of time in the month that the service was actually used. This applies in special case scenarios and does not always apply. We suggest contacting via our help desk with any specific questions or concerns.

Question: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Answer: HostDime India offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on shared and reseller plans. Other services are subject to different terms. Please see our Terms of Service for any specific information.

Question: What type of payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Bank Transfers. Coming Soon: Western Union Payments.