Monthly Archives: March 11, 2015

Securing the enterprise workspace with BYOD

BYOD brings with it a revolutionary transformation of end-user workspaces. It unshackles practices like employees tied to a physical location and specifications like rigidly configured devices, OS, applications and user states. It simply allows users to work from anywhere, accessing applications and content using myriad device configurations. In short, the benefits offered by BYOD make… Read more »

How to limit the CPU usage by a Linux process ?

Multi-tasking ability and faster response time are the most attractive features of Linux machines. Still some tasks may overburden the CPU and contribute to sluggish performance of machines. From running MySQL process to back up, the CPU is getting utilised in full. It is fine, if the machine is not engaged in any other processes or… Read more »

Server Monitoring Tools

In real time environment, optimising the performance of the servers holds the key. In order to enhance the performance of the servers it is important to know related information about the system like CPU utilization, memory usage, network, disk I/O etc. In other words, it is essential to monitor these factors 24 x 7. High… Read more »