Monthly Archives: April 27, 2015

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is one of the most popular technologies among corporates and educational institutions. This is a server-centric computing model that borrows from the traditional thin-client model, but is designed to give system administrators and end-users the best of both the worlds. In other words, it can host and manage desktop virtual… Read more »

The rise of M-Commerce

The modern technological world can easily assist innovative minds to explore new horizons. “World at your fingertips’ is perhaps an apt way to put it candidly. When it comes to internet, then sky is the limit. Food, apparels, electronics, utensils and practically anything, which is required in day to day life, is available at just… Read more »

Startup Companies focus on Open Source Techniques

Earlier, IT companies used to endure high initial costs to run operating systems. Even though pirated versions were available, the original versions were absolutely necessary as it was illegal to use pirated versions. Majority of the companies relied on Microsoft Windows as their operating systems and essential IT products like MS Office, SQL database etc…. Read more »