Monthly Archives: October 14, 2015

Google Indexing and Related Issues

When a new site is created, the best way to popularize it is through the search engine Google. For this to work effectively, Google needs to index the site. Normally indexing is a time-consuming process. But it can be made faster if you can keep relevant contents as per the standards set by Google. Listed… Read more »

Google’s QUIC Protocol to speed up the Internet

Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) is an experimental protocol proposed by Google, which is designed to provide security and reliability along with reduced connection and transport latency. Google has already deployed QUIC protocol in their servers and do client implementation in the Chrome web browsers. The main idea behind QUIC is to use the UDP… Read more »

CloudLinux, for those who are concerned about website speed

A sudden increase in load spikes due to high traffic into the websites and slow servers are some of the major problems that users and system administrators face every day. Cloud Linux, released in 2010, is a technology that most web hosting companies now adopt to counter these threats. This operating system is interchangeable with… Read more »