Monthly Archives: November 14, 2016

Shared Memory and Its Features

  Shared Memory helps in passing on data between programs. A memory portion created by a program can be accessed by other processes, if allowed. In other words, Shared memory is an extra portion of memory that is attached to some address spaces, which the owners can use. Here all the processes can access and… Read more »

The different aspects of Semaphores

‘Semaphore’ is a term used for a variable in the Operating System, which acts as a counter. When multiple processes try to access the same resource or file continually, then access to the particular file should be controlled by assigning a value to the semaphore. A Semaphore is like an integer, with three differences. The… Read more »

Vdbench a powerful benchmarking tool

Vdbench, is counted as one of the most powerful benchmarking tools and can also be used as a GUI tool or a CLI tool. It can work on different platforms like Windows, Solaris, and Linux. It is a controlled I/O load monitoring tool for storage systems and gains control over workload parameters like I/O rate,… Read more »

Windows Sub System for Linux

A few years back, it was impossible to run Linux packages/command in Windows. The technology has evolved over time and now Ubuntu-on-Windows is possible, without using virtual box VMware… The anniversary edition of Windows 10 comes with additional features for Windows developers, which include a complete Ubuntu based Bash shell that can run Linux packages… Read more »