Daily Archives: December 15, 2016

Server Migration: Significance and Precautions

The main intention behind the launching of a website is to introduce a company and its services to the worldwide customers, through the wide landscape of Internet. It enables in building a brand much faster and reaching customers in a cost effective manner. It saves huge investments required for non-focussed advertising and manpower required for… Read more »

The need for RAID

You may already be aware of the word ‘RAID’ and you are here to know more about the RAID levels. An introduction to RAID is given below for the benefit of newbies. The word RAID actually stands for Redundant Array Independent Data. Usually, hard disks of our computers are directly connected to the motherboard. But… Read more »

Why Disk Encryption is important?

  Data security has become one of the biggest concerns among Internet users. News on data theft from websites has become common, now days. Although the websites have the responsibility to protect our data, there is a lot that we as end users can do for our own safety. Using strong passwords, encrypting computer hard… Read more »

The use of Clonezilla

Image files are helpful in countering now-defunct PC issues. It is really helpful, if a clone image file gets automatically generated as a backup. This will help in securing the data by easily restoring the same. Currently, most cloning software is expensive to own or difficult to use. Hence the need of the hour is… Read more »