Scalability of Hosting Solution and its impact on the website

A website helps an entrepreneur to connect his business to the world through the medium of Internet. But some of the impending hurdles come in the form of finding a creative web developer, a suitable hosting package, and a professional team to manage the website. Once the website development is complete, it is imperative to identify a suitable hosting package which is reliable, redundant and affordable. Apart from that there is another important factor called scalability, which offers the provision to increase the resources offered by the package, whenever necessary. While purchasing a normal hosting package (whether Shared/Reseller/VPS/Dedicated server), there would be specific limitations for resources like CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, etc. In a normal hosting package the user would not enjoy the privilege of increasing a particular resource like Memory or Bandwidth on demand. If the allocated resources are exceeded, the available option would be to upgrade the package as a whole to the next higher configuration, which might incur a relatively higher cost.

In Dedicated servers, scalability can be offered for sure as the Data center provider can allocate more resources by adding new hardware to the physical server. But the process needs to be done manually and hence is time-consuming. It may take at least 24 hours for most data center providers to schedule a hardware upgrade, to ensure the availability of necessary hardware. Also, upgrading a particular hardware component on an active Dedicated Server requires some downtime and a reboot (depending on the nature of the resource which needs to be upgraded), which is not recommended for meeting urgent requirements. For example, if the website is receiving good amount of traffic and facing memory issues a downtime would be catastrophic to its reputation. The situation worsens, if the website belongs to e-commerce sites or news portals.

Hence cloud solutions stand ahead of other hosting packages. They offer auto-scalable solutions, which automatically allocate the required resources based on incoming website traffic and resource requirements. It is advisable to websites running special promotions and is expected to generate huge traffic. Cloud solutions also ensure stable performance of the websites. Using cloud solutions, the customers can choose the required resources based on the traffic assumption. The average cost of cloud solutions can be high, so it is highly recommended to have a clear idea about the required resources. If the cloud server is purchased with resources set at a minimal level and if there is heavy traffic on the website, it would naturally lead to a huge overage cost. Hence, the most suitable option would be to analyze the previous resource consumption pattern of the website and set those values as default, while purchasing the cloud server. That would ensure maximum uptime, and thereby uninterrupted services for the website owner.

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