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Microsoft joins Linux foundation as a platinum member

Linux foundation is a non-profit organization, which focuses on promoting, protecting, and standardizing Linux by hosting important workgroups, events, and online resources. The focus is on the growth of Linux and sponsors the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds, supported by leading technology companies and developers from around the world. Linux foundation focuses on generating… Read more »


The modern websites are more dynamic in nature than erstwhile websites, giving a whole lot of vibrant content and making the user experience more enjoyable. Dynamic contents can be developed using web based applications that deliver different output depending on the users and their settings. Cross Site Scripting is a serious security vulnerability found in… Read more »

Apache Cassandra: Not Only SQL

Cassandra is a NoSQL database, which provides a mechanism to store and retrieve data other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. These databases are schema-free, support easy replication, have simple API and can handle huge amounts of data. Simplicity of design, horizontal scaling and finer control of availability are the major objectives of… Read more »

BOWER for front-end package managment

  Bower is a set in stone solution to the problem of front-end package management. For web applications, it is a good choice. Building up websites required a lot of package managers like Composer and NPM, which have proved efficient. They help in simplifying the installation and updation of package dependencies. The website comprises CSS… Read more »

Open Source Web Analytic Tools

    Web analytics tools are mainly used to measure the web traffic, but it also helps in doing Analysis Data collection Reporting of web data for understanding and optimizing web pages.   Google Analytics is the most widely used cloud-based web analytics service. However, with Google Analytics, your data is locked into Google eco-system… Read more »

Google BigTable

  The name Google is synonymous with web technology. For every web user across the world it is a household name. Popular applications of Google like Search, Analytics , Maps and Gmail are extensively used in all parts of the world by millions. The key behind its storage management capabilities is a NoSQL database set… Read more »

Apache Hive

In the modern era, companies are now dealing with ever increasing volumes of big data. Big data simple means a large volume of different varieties of data. Processing big data with traditional means was almost impossible and hence Apache foundation came up with innovative software, Apache Hadoop to solve the issue. The interest around the… Read more »

How Capistrano different from Puppet and Chef ?

Automation is the best way to manage large scale systems and servers. While doing updates or applying patches, it is difficult to manage hundreds or thousands of servers. Installing patches and updates to each and every server is time consuming and tedious. It demands allocation of more human resources. In cluster like solutions, same configuration… Read more »

Video CDN in Modern Hosting premises

A Video Content Delivery Network delivers live and on-demand, high-quality videos to web-connected devices over a large geographically dispersed network of servers. The major strength of Video CDN is the caching concept. When a viewer submits a request, the server caching content near the user’s location delivers the video. This will accelerate the delivery. Aside… Read more »

Puppet to automate risks

Puppet is a free software written in Ruby and is designed to manage configuration and automate tasks. Puppet uses a declarative Ruby-like Domain-Specific Language (DSL) in its command-line environment and works on major Linux, Unix and Windows systems. The two solutions for which Puppet is used for are configuration management and data centre automation. In… Read more »

Tails for privacy and anonymity

Tails or The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a security-focused, debian-based Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. It helps in using internet anonymously and circumventing censorship on the move, without leaving any traces unless explicitly ask for. Here all connections to the internet are diverted through Tor network. It uses state-of-the-art cryptographic tools… Read more »

Scalability of Hosting Solution and its impact on the website

A website helps an entrepreneur to connect his business to the world through the medium of Internet. But some of the impending hurdles come in the form of finding a creative web developer, a suitable hosting package, and a professional team to manage the website. Once the website development is complete, it is imperative to… Read more »