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Let us begin with the origins of Mail Transfer Agent before setting foot on to further details. Philip Hazel came up with the script behind Exim in 1995, which was an improved version of the former MTA Smail. Exim gives a highly configurable environment, dual style, which includes access control list section, routers section, transports… Read more »

MapReduce for Faster Processing

  MapReduce is a technology introduced to process data at a faster rate. Managing a lot of data processors is a cumbersome task along with parallelization and distribution, input-output scheduling, status and monitoring, fault and crash tolerance. Map reducing eases the processes involved in all those tasks. Overview MapReduce is the key algorithm that is… Read more »

Linux and the Penguin

  The penguin mentioned here is not the awe-inspiring original species, but the one which is embodied as the Linux mascot Tux. What do you see when you look at him? “Just a penguin or is it a lovely, cuddly, stuffed penguin, sitting contended after engorging a wholesome meal of herring”, says Linus Benedict Torvalds,… Read more »

Vulnerability of WordPress

In order to prevent attacks on the websites, it is essential that we need to be aware of the vulnerabilities associated with Content Management System (CMS) that we use. Among all the available Content Management System software, WordPress is the most easiest and popular blogging & website CMS available today, as it has features like… Read more »

When the world has access to Free Internet

Internet, regarded as one of the greatest inventions of humankind, has expanded its reach to almost all sectors that we encounter in our day to day life. From interconnected LAN networks to WiFi and 4G the internet has made rapid strides when it comes to technological growth and also in terms of ease of access…. Read more »

Cold calls: An Overture to a Long Business Relationship

Each one of us at some point of time might have experienced calls from a tele-caller representing some company and offers his/her assistance in choosing any of their services. More often these disgruntled calls end up in a verbal fight with the caller. In some cases, the caller can be so convincing so that the… Read more »

The Importance of Backup Solutions in Hosting

Most customers prefer low cost hosting plans. In an attempt to fit the cost in the available budget, they often disregard important features like backup solutions. Ignoring the importance of backup solutions is the main reason why websites take a longer time to get back on track when encountered with troubles like data corruption or… Read more »


Mod_Security is a web application firewall, which is a free software released under the Apache license 2.0. It helps in protecting websites from various attacks. The main advantage of the application lies in its user-friendliness, as the user can customise his path through the available features. This blog discusses different usage scenarios of the application… Read more »

An Introduction to Bitcoin: The Open Source Cryptographic Currency

The modern world is flying high on the wings of technology. In the last two decades, we have witnessed several inventions, which have brought a sea change in the way things get executed. In a developing country like India, people are always looking for better alternatives and are willing to adapt new technologies. From barter… Read more »

Few Features of Proxy server

Few years back, connecting to an internet was not at all an easy task. Now a plethora of players are competing to provide high speed internet. High speed internet can serve multiple purposes and needs. When we access too many websites, internet security is naturally a point that deserves attention. Proxy servers can be a… Read more »

Mail Transfer Agents

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is a software application that routes electronic mail messages from the sender’s computer to the recipient’s, using an Internet message handling system (MHS). MTA adopts client-server architecture. The best examples of MTAs are Microsoft Exchange, UNIX Send mail, Webmail etc. A detailed explanation on Mail Transfer Agents along with its functions… Read more »