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Server Migration: Significance and Precautions

The main intention behind the launching of a website is to introduce a company and its services to the worldwide customers, through the wide landscape of Internet. It enables in building a brand much faster and reaching customers in a cost effective manner. It saves huge investments required for non-focussed advertising and manpower required for… Read more »

The need for RAID

You may already be aware of the word ‘RAID’ and you are here to know more about the RAID levels. An introduction to RAID is given below for the benefit of newbies. The word RAID actually stands for Redundant Array Independent Data. Usually, hard disks of our computers are directly connected to the motherboard. But… Read more »

Why Disk Encryption is important?

  Data security has become one of the biggest concerns among Internet users. News on data theft from websites has become common, now days. Although the websites have the responsibility to protect our data, there is a lot that we as end users can do for our own safety. Using strong passwords, encrypting computer hard… Read more »

The use of Clonezilla

Image files are helpful in countering now-defunct PC issues. It is really helpful, if a clone image file gets automatically generated as a backup. This will help in securing the data by easily restoring the same. Currently, most cloning software is expensive to own or difficult to use. Hence the need of the hour is… Read more »

Before choosing a Domain Name for your Company

In the modern world, Organizations rely on websites to introduce their services to the worldwide audience, thanks to the medium of internet. In fact, internet helps in exploring the new markets at a very low cost. The domain name is an integral part of the website, which conveys the company’s identity to the world. So… Read more »

Shared Memory and Its Features

  Shared Memory helps in passing on data between programs. A memory portion created by a program can be accessed by other processes, if allowed. In other words, Shared memory is an extra portion of memory that is attached to some address spaces, which the owners can use. Here all the processes can access and… Read more »

The different aspects of Semaphores

‘Semaphore’ is a term used for a variable in the Operating System, which acts as a counter. When multiple processes try to access the same resource or file continually, then access to the particular file should be controlled by assigning a value to the semaphore. A Semaphore is like an integer, with three differences. The… Read more »

Vdbench a powerful benchmarking tool

Vdbench, is counted as one of the most powerful benchmarking tools and can also be used as a GUI tool or a CLI tool. It can work on different platforms like Windows, Solaris, and Linux. It is a controlled I/O load monitoring tool for storage systems and gains control over workload parameters like I/O rate,… Read more »

Windows Sub System for Linux

A few years back, it was impossible to run Linux packages/command in Windows. The technology has evolved over time and now Ubuntu-on-Windows is possible, without using virtual box VMware… The anniversary edition of Windows 10 comes with additional features for Windows developers, which include a complete Ubuntu based Bash shell that can run Linux packages… Read more »

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing otherwise known as pen testing helps in finding out vulnerabilities associated with networks and web applications. The scope and nature of pen test highly depends on the drivers of the Organization, who can influence targeted goals like target selection, scope, assumption etc., and it is done for various reasons. Example – If the… Read more »

OPNsense a user friendly firewall

The growth of internet has prospered unethical practices like hacking and intrusion. The threats and vulnerabilities can prove lethal for companies. No wonder, measures are now taken to secure the network environment and still there are reports on a daily basis about the cracking attempts. A number of hardware and software are now available to… Read more »

Netcat, a powerful computer networking utility

Netcat is a powerful computer networking utility that performs large number of network related tasks and stores output into a file. It is designed to be a dependable utility, which can run independently or in parallel with other programs and scripts. In short, Netcat is an open source tool that comes with innumerable functionalities. The… Read more »