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cPanel version 11.48 released

    cPanel version 11.48 is released with the current tier. There are some exiting features coming with this version that can improve the hosting experience.

WordPress updates (Feature updates and how it helps bloggers)

When one think of a blogging platform to work on, WordPress come into act which is one of the free tools available for blogging based on content management system. What makes it the most popular blogging platform is definitely its simplicity which paves the way to use it conveniently and with ease. How about the… Read more »

Rising Cloud & Vanishing Tapes

The rising request for the Cloud is bringing an end to the era of so called Tape silo (also known as Tape robot or Tape Jukebox) though not all of a sudden, but gradually. The Tapes are basically the major source for Mainframe storage medium. Whenever the Mainframe word is used, people do think of the… Read more »

Microsoft Exchange, as Hosted Servers

With the growth of technologies, soft communication and its media have also increased in larger volumes in different formats like e-mail, voice mail, instant message etc… As time progresses, these communication grow bulkier and hence there is a need to eliminate this overload like, specifying rules on how to communicate each other without mixing up the… Read more »

CMS based Websites Face Major Threat

In today’s day to day life, people around the globe rarely spend much of their time in front of a Television or the newspapers in comparison to the Internet world to grasp the daily happenings. People depend on the Content Management Systems (CMS) to know more of the surrounding NEWS.

How to protect yourself from SPAM?

SPAM (Small Pointless Annoying Messages, Sales promotional Advertising Message OR Simultaneously Posted Advertising Messages). As the name indicates SPAM are junk/unsolicited bulk messages send with a purpose of advertising needs. SPAM’s are send using the electronic messaging system. The SPAM email’s may contain links which can lead the recipient to a phishing website or clicking… Read more »

SaaS (Software as a Service)

  In today’s business world, the need for software is indisputable. From shipment tracking to inventory management, software applications hold the key. The days of running software on internal infrastructure have gone, as companies are now migrating to software as a business model (Saas) from software license purchase model. Saas is one of the cloud… Read more »