WAF, a Popular Automation Tool

WAF is one among the various popular automation tools like Apache Ant, Bazel, CMake, and Make. Automation tools are used to facilitate the compilation and installation of an application/software/package in a system. The importance of automation can be best explained through an imaginary situation like 100 coded files required to be compiled to complete the… Read more »

NMAP, The Free and Open Source Tool

In an unsecured scenario, security tools are inevitable to safeguard your system. A plethora of security tools are available in the market for network administrators to make use of. These are paid tools, which are based on FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Here, let’s have a look at Nmap. Nmap stands for Network Mapper…. Read more »

Features of NewSQL

NewSQL is a class of modern Relational Database Management System that seek to provide the same scalable performance of NoSQL systems for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and read-write workloads, while maintaining the ACID guarantees of a traditional database system. The term was first used by 451 Group analyst Matthew Aslett in a 2011 research paper,… Read more »

MemSQL : SQL based Database Management System

MemSQL is a distributed SQL based Database Management System. On April 23, 2013, MemSQL launched its first generally available version of the database to the public. In order to process highly volatile workloads, MemSQL combines lock-free data structures and just-in-time compilation (JIT). More specifically, MemSQL implements lock-free hash tables and lock-free skip lists in memory… Read more »


In modern times, we often deal with voluminous number of passwords. For some websites too, we need passwords and applications to log in. Cpanel, WHM, mail accounts and FTP accounts require passwords to gain access. Hence it is not strange that people opt for easy passwords and also they tend to reuse passwords for multiple… Read more »

Kali Linux: Professional Penetration-Testing Distro

Kali Linux, a Debian based Linux distribution is funded and maintained by Offensive security, a training company that deals with information security. It has more than 300 tools, which are used for Penetration Testing, Security Research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. Kali Linux was released on March 13, 2013, and it was a total rebuilt… Read more »

Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects that feature an IP address for Internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices. Physical devices like buildings can collect and exchange data, when they are embedded with electronics, software and network connectivity. As the objects represent themselves digitally,… Read more »


Gluster is one of the best open source storage platforms, which mainly focuses on dividing the storage and managing the explosive growth of unstructured data. It is isolated from other storage technologies and it keeps a unified global namespace to virtualize the disk and memory resources into a single shared pool that is centrally controlled…. Read more »


Ganglia, the scalable distributed monitoring system is meant for high-performance computing systems like Clusters and Grids. Based on a hierarchical design, Ganglia is targeted at federations of clusters. It leverages widely used technologies such as XML for data representations, XDR for compact, portable data transport, and RRD tool for data storage and visualizations. It uses… Read more »


The graphical front end is what makes VnStat different other monitoring tools available today. It is used to view and monitor bandwidth usage in network traffic. It uses a web based interface to establish connection and represent those findings in a nice graphical interface, which is developed using PHP. It is helpful for administrative activities… Read more »

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is one of the most popular technologies among corporates and educational institutions. This is a server-centric computing model that borrows from the traditional thin-client model, but is designed to give system administrators and end-users the best of both the worlds. In other words, it can host and manage desktop virtual… Read more »

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  • The rise of M-Commerce

    The modern technological world can easily assist innovative minds to explore new horizons. “World at your fingertips’ is perhaps an apt way to put it candidly. When it comes to internet, then sky is the limit. Food, apparels, electronics, utensils and practically anything, which is required in day to day life, is available at just… Read more »

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  • Startup Companies focus on Open Source Techniques

    Earlier, IT companies used to endure high initial costs to run operating systems. Even though pirated versions were available, the original versions were absolutely necessary as it was illegal to use pirated versions. Majority of the companies relied on Microsoft Windows as their operating systems and essential IT products like MS Office, SQL database etc…. Read more »

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  • Securing the enterprise workspace with BYOD

    BYOD brings with it a revolutionary transformation of end-user workspaces. It unshackles practices like employees tied to a physical location and specifications like rigidly configured devices, OS, applications and user states. It simply allows users to work from anywhere, accessing applications and content using myriad device configurations. In short, the benefits offered by BYOD make… Read more »

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  • How to limit the CPU usage by a Linux process ?

    Multi-tasking ability and faster response time are the most attractive features of Linux machines. Still some tasks may overburden the CPU and contribute to sluggish performance of machines. From running MySQL process to back up, the CPU is getting utilised in full. It is fine, if the machine is not engaged in any other processes or… Read more »

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  • Server Monitoring Tools

    In real time environment, optimising the performance of the servers holds the key. In order to enhance the performance of the servers it is important to know related information about the system like CPU utilization, memory usage, network, disk I/O etc. In other words, it is essential to monitor these factors 24 x 7. High… Read more »

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  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and related Vulnerabilities

    Secured Socket Layer, more commonly called as SSL, is a protocol in which data is transferred in an encrypted format to ensure security. This data transfer between client and the server is established with the help of certificates. SSL certificate is an absolute necessity for e-commerce sites as end users need to submit critical information… Read more »

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  • Dangerous commands on Linux

    As Linux servers are handled using commands, the following points should be taken note of while executing certain commands that could be potentially destructive. These commands should be used only after careful analysis. Test the performance of these commands on a test environment, so that you could understand how it would affect the server performance… Read more »

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  • Prevent your server from being hacked

    Millions of websites are being hacked every day at different corners of the globe. Another million websites are prone to be a victim of this unfair phenomenon. A callous approach in maintaining the servers is the chief reason for hacking. The following are some ways by which hacking can be controlled to a great extent.

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  • How to speedup Word Press websites

    Among the most popular tools for websites based on Content Management System, Word Press has established itself as one of the leaders. As of August 2013, Word Press is used by more than 22% of the top 10 million websites. Also it is the most popular blogging system in use, in more than 60 million… Read more »

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  • cPanel version 11.48 released

        cPanel version 11.48 is released with the current tier. There are some exiting features coming with this version that can improve the hosting experience.

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  • WordPress updates (Feature updates and how it helps bloggers)

    When one think of a blogging platform to work on, WordPress come into act which is one of the free tools available for blogging based on content management system. What makes it the most popular blogging platform is definitely its simplicity which paves the way to use it conveniently and with ease. How about the… Read more »

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