Local server monitoring created in-house by HostDime techs.

Axon is the second half of our monitoring suite for our servers. Whereas Synapse checks the immediate availability of services, Axon is used to preemptively fix problems, and to help diagnose servers if problems have occurred. Some of the things monitored by this service are:


Array Monitoring

If you have purchased a hardware RAID card with your server, we can monitor it to make sure that several settings are configured optimally, and to make sure that if there are any array degradation problems we are made aware of them.



Drive Monitoring

If any of a number of drive failure indictors show up on any of your hard drives, Axon will detect this and let our system administrators know to check the server and schedule maintenance as soon as possible to prevent data loss.



Filesystem Monitoring

If any filesystems on your server ever have problems, such as changing to a read-only state, or becoming unexpectedly unmounted, we will be informed of the change, and will usually have it corrected within minutes. In addition, we also monitor disk space usage, so that you can be made aware of drives that are almost full before they become a problem.



Security Checks

Axon can be configured to check for several insecure PHP and apache configurations, to help make sure that no configuration changes leave your server vulnerable to security problems.



Backup Information

For clients using cPanel, we do semi-daily checks to make sure that all backups that are configured are present, and that they completed successfully.




Should your server have any unexpected problems, we have historical CPU, Memory, Disk, and Load statistics, as well as a number of other statistics that can be used to diagnose the problem and prevent it from happening again.



Server Overview

At any time you can access an overview of disk, memory, and load averages for all of your servers through your Core profile page.



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