Before choosing a Gaming server

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Before choosing a Gaming server

With innovation in technology online games are now challenging traditional games like Cricket and Football, when it comes to popularity. Both kids and grownups can play online games using smartphones or computers against anyone from any part of the world. Yes, online gaming has come of ages. When creative game developers are looking for innovative ideas to get more and more active participants, technicians are working hard to ensure that the games stay updated.

‘Servers are under maintenance’ is a common notification you are likely to receive often as a gamer. This is the time when developers work to bring in new changes to the game with an aim to improve its performance. It is a common notification and the gamers can always expect something better after the maintenance. Sometimes the game crashes continuously, which may prompt the user to close or uninstall the game for ever. This happens due to poor selection of hosting package and lack of technical expertise to stay updated. For game developers, it is a great challenge to find a suitable hosting package.

Before choosing a gaming server, some factors should be given utmost priority. The most important thing is, the server to be purchased should be customized for gaming. The common desktop class servers equipped with Dual Core processors (eg:- Atom or Core-i3) are generally optimized only for common WordPress hosting, and they are not at all recommended for a gaming server. For gaming, it is better to consider an efficient server from a reputed Datacenter with at least the following configuration:

Processor: Atleast a Quad Core server with Latest 3.2GHz processor speed

Datacenter: The datacenter location with the lowest latency

Memory: 32GB-64GB RAM is advised

Drives: SSD drives are highly recommended, as the I/O rates are much more efficient.

DDOS protection is a must, because gaming servers are highly vulnerable to DDOS attacks

Bandwidth: It is always recommended to consider at least 45Mbps bandwidth per month.

Port Speed: 1000Mbps port speed is advised

Most datacentres do not permit gaming servers due to concerns related to the terms of service. Games which feature online gambling, extreme violence, etc. are quite popular nowadays. However, playing such games can seriously dent the moral fibre of the society. This will in turn result in legal issues. Another major concern regarding the gaming servers is the obvious possibility of DDOS attacks. A strong DDOS attack can take down a whole network, which creates a negative impact about the gaming servers. It is highly advised to ensure the availability of DDOS protection before confirming a purchase.

Having a suitable hosting package can definitely lay a strong base for the game, and as the popularity of the game increases, more and more servers can be clustered together to deliver stable performance.

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