Benefits of Cloud Email Filtering

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Benefits of Cloud Email Filtering

Email communication is the backbone of any establishment and is considered to be universal. Hackers grow day-by-day to infiltrate email communication to collect data or threaten the business. Read on to know how Hostdime’s Cloud-based filter works.

Email communication is critical to any business. Information passed through emails are considered genuine and confidential, it is regarded as the prime official communication medium inside any organisation. With the advancement of technology, hackers are trying new methods to infiltrate employees’ mail to obtain data or corrupt the system. Therefore, to prevent such malicious mails from accessing the sensitive data, organisations use tools like email filtering apps which helps to identify and filter out malicious content.

Lately, email protection has taken the vantage point of all attractions since last year around over 100 million malicious emails were targeted to many organisations. Everyday hackers are using new methods to infiltrate into computers and infect them. Last year saw the peak of such incidents outnumbering the usual count.

The best spam filter doesn’t have a tag of the best, of the highly rated or affordable. There are different types of spam filter and several ways in which they can be put to use. Some filters are easy to implement and manage, where as few others have high maintenance overhead. The ease of use of the filter mostly determines how effective they are in detecting spam emails and malicious contents. High level spam filters can hinder the business critical communication and might weaken the fight against email threats.

The right corporate spam filter must have the ability to set various rules and filtering policies for different users. For example, a finance institution must have the right kind of spam filters so that the emails are protected and sales leads are not controlled. A cloud based spam filter ensures that only relevant emails are passed from the cloud. This keeps spam messages out of inbox and email fraud attacks away from the users.

Cloud base email filtering doesn’t need a hardware to be installed or a software to purchase and maintain. Cloud based spam filtering lets  you implement an anti-spam solution quickly within a favourable budget. A cloud based spam filtering technology will be always up-to-date, informed of latest threats and helps to prevent spam messages from reaching any system.

Benefits of Cloud-based Spam Filtering

There are many advantages of using cloud-based spam filters. HostDime, one of the leading providers of Cloud-based spam filtering service lists out a few benefits of implementing cloud-based spam filtering.

  1. Cloud service providers that offer spam filtering solutions keep updating the software so unlike the conventional software based solutions and applications, upgrades aren’t required to be done by organisation or the user.

  2. There is no impact on network performance as the whole processing service is done in cloud by the service provider.

  3. Software and application installation might be problematic and tedious. Cloud-based spam filtering doesn’t have this problem. There are no hardware restrictions or incompatibility issues with software or the operating system.

  4. Flexible and scalable solutions are provided by cloud-based spam filtering. Software and applications come with defined capacity. When the number of active users are increased, new applications need to be purchased. With cloud, the storage can be flexible and if the business expands, the license can be adjusted or when downsized, cost can be controlled in handling spam filters.

  5. It is easy to test the effectiveness of a cloud email filter and the level of maintenance required.

HostDime explains different kinds of filters available now. This helps organisations in knowing their right requirement and choosing the best filter that suits their business.

Inbound Filter: Spam is filtered before it reaches the network. The service is easy to implement. Changing the MX records, can help one in doing the same. There is no need to host your email service elsewhere; you can continue to manage your email in cPanel.Plesk, or local mail server.

Outbound Filter: As the name suggests, outbound mails are filtered through the local mail server. If one of your domain’s mail accounts face any kind of threat, the spam can be filtered ensuring only clean mail leaves the network. 

Email Archiving: HostDime provides one of the best Email archiving services and therefore, you needn’t worry about losing any mail. Copies of all inbound and outbound mails are saved. HostDime provides an advantage by providing the service to send mail when the organization mail server is down. What’s Hostdime extramile? So, if you are a reseller using HostDime service, you can resell the email protection service to your client with your proposed rates. So, what are you waiting for when HostDime provides you the best services for running the business smoothly.

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