Colocation service by HostDime

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Colocation service by HostDime

Worried about storing all the hardware and servers within your office premises? HostDime offers Colocation service which handles your hardware network servers without affecting your business.

Colocation service is famously known as colo or “carrier hotel” is the practice of offering a secured environment for hardware networks that enables worldwide connectivity. A colocation service provider provides a building with cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security, which supports the server and storage of retail customers. This method eliminates expenditure spent on building and its maintenance but gives the customer the complete ownership of physical servers. In the past, colos were often used by private enterprises for disaster recovery (DR). Today, colos are especially popular with cloud service providers.

Customers can opt to keep servers in a private data centre rather than choosing to keep them in-house. These data centres will take care of the important aspects like network connectivity, power and cooling. However, the customer needs to provide support in time of any distress caused at the data centre when engineers need to manually check for solutions. This involves an extra-but bearable cost.

A colocation provider gets businesses space and resources through their data centre. Customers need to purchase their own equipment to be used in such data centres. They will also need to set up and configure their servers to work ahead. Customer isn’t renting a server from the hosting provider but they are getting a space for an amount for storage purposes. The customer needs to move the server to the data centre on their own. Customers can upgrade or downgrade features like bandwidth and rack space to fit the requirement by contacting the colocation hosting provider team.

Many businesses choose to host away from their business premises and still able to manage their hosting resources. With the growing business, more space can be added to meet the requirement. Businesses choose colocation from a trusted cloud service provider mainly due to Capital expenditure associated with building, maintaining and updating a large computing facility.

Times has changed and how Colo data centres are serving businesses across the globe. Earlier Colo data centres were mostly reserved for big brands and corporations. Data centres offer customizable services and have extended offers to support all kinds of business initiatives Colocation service includes inspection of equipment, assembly and testing to verify equipment, expert staff for support,  inventory analysis and burn-in and verification process to confirm equipment is correctly configured and systems are running properly.

Common colocation features:

  • Facilities.
    Colocation offers space in the provider’s data centre for your IT hardware. These facilities are typically audited for reliability and include racks, cabinets and cable trays for your equipment.
  • Power.
    Colocation data centres typically have backup generators with varying levels of redundancy and/or battery backup systems or uninterruptible power supplies, depending on the facility.
  • Physical security.
    Most colocation centres maintain high levels of physical security, including on-site security guards, 24x7x365 surveillance and biometric authorization.
  • Cooling.
    Colocation services provide cooling systems to protect your hardware, typically including redundant HVAC systems and chiller configurations (e.g., centrifugal chillers, cooling towers and water loop pumps).

HostDime, one of the trusted data centre providers in India explains various benefits of choosing the right colocation package.

  1. Cost-saving
    Colocation is a cost-effective way of managing hardware resources rather than setting up the same inhouse. Data management involves too much investment and businesses are tasked with managing variables and expenses independently which can drain the productivity of the business.  Colocation packages provide benefits like support, security, and connectivity at a managed cost. Moreover, outsourcing business can help to maintain the security of information in a reliable environment. Business can cut costs on adding security staff, install and maintenance of equipment, and usage of power can be reduced. Also, management can focus on key initiatives and manage resources while allocating work to colocation providers.

  2. Better Connectivity
    A trusted and reliable data centre provides a wide range of connectivity options which is the key benefit of colocation. Installing and maintaining a data centre involves too much expenditure since it involves a connection with a leading service provider. With multiple internet service providers, network services, and cloud platforms to choose from, colocation customers can easily build the network infrastructure that meets their specific needs.

  3. Improved network security
    All data and physical equipment are guarded and monitored 24/7. Starting from location, multi-layered protocols are followed to ensure security. An on sight support team will be on guard and are trained to promptly report any discrepancies. Biometric access control systems, vehicle access barriers, CCTV monitoring are all used in data centres. Fire detection and control are maintained inside. With massive corporate data breaches on the rise, you might want to seriously consider making data centre colocation the cornerstone of your company’s own disaster recovery plan.

  4. Service and Support
    Companies normally opt for their own technicians for support at data centres. The workflow is made easy by avoiding travels of technicians to data centres unless the need is very important. Remote support is now used at data centres to guide in-house technicians in exercises like removing or fixing any defective part.

  5. Scalability
    Data Centres provide space for expantion of business which might not be possible at the client’s premises. Many large colocation service providers offer direct connections to many of the cloud partners which make them simple to scale within a hybrid data centre model. Relying on colocation services offered by HostDime helps businesses to have considerable savings in overall expenditure. If your business needs cloud computing, colocation provides an easy couch to make the transition to better capacity and performance to support the business.

Colocation service starts at Rs.6000 to have your business cabinet with HostDime, one of the leading colocation providers in India. The service is premium featuring multiple connections to Tier 1 various bandwidth providers.

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