Few Features of Proxy server

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Few Features of Proxy server

Few years back, connecting to an internet was not at all an easy task. Now a plethora of players are competing to provide high speed internet. High speed internet can serve multiple purposes and needs. When we access too many websites, internet security is naturally a point that deserves attention. Proxy servers can be a solution for this concern. It provides amazing internet experience and also makes it secure. While a large number of proxy servers are available not all of them are up to the mark.


Proxy server allows you to anonymously browse the internet in complete privacy. Access to proxy servers also promises many related benefits. Good Proxy servers mask your IP address so no one will be able to locate you. Here, you will be accessing the internet with a fake IP address. For example, as shown in the above image client systems (,, are only connected with a proxy server ( and they send requests to the proxy server. The proxy server in turn will contact the real server ( and give the client request. So the real server ( understands the proxy server as the real client who requests for the webpage, so the server sends the requested data to the proxy server. Once the proxy server ( received the response from the real server, it will send back the response to the client systems which originally sent the request. As the client system IP and details are not recorded in the real server, the real user remains anonymous.

Sometimes proxy servers are used to access blocked sites. In educational institution and work places, it is a common practice. A good proxy server will allow you to access these blocked websites. Usually we share some sensitive information over the internet and we don’t want anyone to read that. Good proxy servers can also help you in this regard. It will encrypt all your information, which will not be readable for others. So, you will be free from all kinds of internet related tensions.

In short, proxy servers can make your internet browsing a different experience. However, if you are looking for the best proxy server, you have to browse the internet. Try to find some good options and experience its worth before arriving on a conclusion.

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