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Free is a word that can attract all categories of customers. No matter how trivial the offerings are ‘Free’ can catch instant attention. For a beginner, Free Hosting Service is one of the few chances to seize, and is a perfect alternative for those amateur webmasters.

What is Free Hosting?

Free Hosting is a service provided by several hosting providers, which allows users to create a basic personal web site for free. Even though it provides small features of a commercial website, it is hampered by more limitations than advantages.

What are the advantages of Free Hosting?

The most significant advantage of Free Hosting over Virtual Hosting is that it is available at the best price possible – absolutely free! Also the provider will assume responsibility for web administration and server maintenance, which means that the hosting beginner can create a functional site despite limited technical expertise.

Also, the setup process for Free Hosting accounts is generally simple, and often complemented by a setup tutorial. Free Hosting accounts are not barren of options either and typically offer FTP capability, as well as a range of pre-installed CGI scripts. These options allow you to give your free website the look and feel of a professional, commercial site, without spending too much out of your pocket.

What are the disadvantages of Free Hosting?

In an ideal scenario, Free Hosting would offer value added features like unlimited file transfer and the broadest bandwidth available on the web. Despite the advantages, it comes with several flaws. Even though, Free Hosting packages offer same options provided by Virtual Hosting packages, it rarely contains features like database, shopping cart, or 24 hour phone support.

Free Hosting also comes at a price in the form of advertising for promoting the hosting provider. Nevertheless, it is a small price to pay for the beginners looking to create a small personal homepage. Overall, the overwhelming majority of personal web pages on the web today are served by Free Hosting providers.

If you want to test the waters of the Web Hosting industry or if you don’t have the budget to go for Virtual Hosting account, Free Hosting is the perfect solution. It allows you to make your presence on the web for absolutely nothing.


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