How to choose smartly between cPanel, InterWorx and Plesk

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How to choose smartly between cPanel, InterWorx and Plesk

Understand the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of three popular control panels available from HostDime. Read on and choose the best control panel for your business website.

Recently, with the increase in the pricing of cPanel, there has become a tight competition regarding which hosting control panel provides the best solution for the clients. cPanel, Plesk and Interworx are the major options available now and HostDime, one of the leading Cloud solution providers, discusses the three panels to maximize the understanding of them.


Interworx is a control panel for servers and sites that provides tools to configure web servers, email, domains and websites. They can be used to enhance the security, manage files and can be used to install WordPress. It can be essentially used to launch and manage websites. InterWorx can be mainly divided into two sections, NodeWorx and SiteWorx. NodeWorx is used for configuring and monitoring your server completely while SiteWorx is used to manage websites, emails and databases.

InterWorx is favoured for getting the site up and running on dedicated hosting. It cuts the time spent in administering the server and more time is focused on delivering code and content. InterWorx can also be used in configuring Apache to installing wordpress. InterWorx helps in keeping straight and transparent. It can provide users with the right access and control so that business is never hampered. InterWorx is a preferred control panel for a growing reseller or agency. 


cPanel is a Linux based control panel that helps to manage web hosting servers with a user-friendly web-based interface. It helps to manage various elements of the site. It is popular with shared hosts where it is the prime solution provided by most affordable hosting providers in India. cPanel doesn’t call for technical expertise to make changes but with its user friendly interface and graphical interface, one can make the desired changes.

cPanel  provide account based pricing,where the pricing differs with the number of hosting accounts..HostDime provides a highly customised plan for unlimited account license with cPanel,where the customers can save a lot in the cPanel licensing cost.

Within cPanel one can create new emails accounts, view/modify existing accounts, modify your MX records, change email passwords, set up mailbox quotas and much more. One can also configure new domains to the account, set up parked domains, create sub domains, set up redirects and much more. Files can be backed up in the account with the provision to access/ modify files stored in an account. File management checks disk usage and creates/ manages FTP accounts. With cPanel one can set up remote access to MySQL, access the databases using phpMyAdmin and many more.


Plesk provides some common features of any control panel with few additional options. As common features, it helps to add and organize website files within the control panel. Managing domains, adding new domains and subdomains can be done. Creating a new email address, monitoring your inbox, and removing inactive email addresses can be accomplished using Plesk. Scheduled backup options, managing databases and evaluating disk space for websites are all done using Plesk. Apart from these, Plesk comes with self-repair tools that automate the process of fixing common technical errors so your website runs more smoothly. They are also equipped with large libraries of extensions that can add various functionalities for websites.

The Plesk control panel is neat and ordered making it easy to navigate. Plesk popularity is mainly due to improved ease of use and makes working with web hosting servers faster, more efficient and easy. The control panel works for both Linux and windows server making it accessible to every website. One can register for an SSL certificate to provide website encryption through Plesk. There are also a number of firewalls and extensions available with Plesk making it impossible for hackers to infiltrate. The Plesk web control panel promises compatibility with a huge number of popular and essential third-party applications.

In addition to compatibility, for some of the most popular third-party applications, such as WordPress and Amazon, they provide toolkits that make using the products together that much easier.

Comparison between InterWorx vs cPanel vs Plesk

On the basis of the control panel, let’s compare the three control panels available.

Platform SupportLinux CentOSLinux CentOS Cloud Linux Ubuntu Debian Windows serverLinux CentOS Cloud LinuxPlesk
Service offeredemail, FTP, DNS, MySQL, and PHPemail, FTP, DNS, MySQL, and PHP NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, server-side Java, git version control, and DNSSEC (Comes with additional cost)email, FTP, DNS, MySQL, and PHP NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, server-side Java, git version control, and DNSSECcPanel
System Admin FeaturesCluster support, Customized branding, Multiple languageMultiple Plesk support from central location. Multiple language support ( additional cost)DNS only Works with Apache, PHP modules.  InterWorx
End User experienceMultiple loggins possible.Limited featureMultiple user login under one accountInterworx
Over all costLeast expensive to licenseBasic licensing is easy but feature packs cost separately.Purchase a license along with serverInterWorx

Clearly, the chart shows Interworx having an edge over cPanel and Plesk. Interworx works best with a Linux server which can save some budget but cPanel is favored by the industry. This can be because much of the users don’t want to interact with the command line. Plesk is suitable for developers who need services with Docker, or requires a control panel for Ubuntu, Debian or Windows server.

If you already have a control panel and are wishing for a change, HostDime experts can help to switch to a customisable HostDime server.

We offer data migrations for the following types of environments:

  • cPanel to cPanel
  • Plesk to Plesk
  • InterWorx to InterWorx
  • cPanel to Plesk
  • cPanel to InterWorx

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