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In modern times, we often deal with voluminous number of passwords. For some websites too, we need passwords and applications to log in. Cpanel, WHM, mail accounts and FTP accounts require passwords to gain access. Hence it is not strange that people opt for easy passwords and also they tend to reuse passwords for multiple sites. While trying to make things easy they are actually compromising on the security part. Here comes the importance of Password Manager. A password manager will take the load of remembering a long list of passwords and thereby freeing your brain power to invest in more productive areas. There has been a lot of focus of late on accounts being compromised. So it is high time that we consider a password manager for use. Here we will discuss one among them- Keepass!

Keepass is a Free and open source password manager, which helps in saving passwords. It was primarily developed for Windows. Gradually, it was supported by Mac OS and Linux operating systems as well. Also, Keepass is portable and has ports available for Android, iPhone, iPad etc. In Keepass all of the passwords are stored in a single database; which is locked with a master key. So it requires only the master key to unlock and read the whole database. The databases are encrypted using highly secure encryption algorithms like AES 256 and Twofish.

To create keepass database, open it on your system after it is downloaded. The very first task is to create the password vault. Just click “Database” > “New Database”. The next step required is to generate a master password that unlocks the password vault. As this is the only password that you require, make sure to use it as a complex password that you can remember. After choosing master password you can decide if a key file is required or not. This proves to be a powerful defence, if a hacker gains access to your password vault. It includes a search box over which users can easily find out the required data by entering a fragment of the name record. Also to be noted, keepass is not just limited to usernames and passwords. Each entry will have several fields which can be used by users to securely place data. It is also possible to sync all passwords across all the users’ devices.

The key features of keepass are as follows:

* Portable:

Keepass is portable. It can be moved to a USB or installed on mobile devices / desktop devices.

* Security:

It uses strong encryption methods to encypt its password database.

* Database transfer:

The password database consists of a single file can be transferred across devices very easily.

* Password generator:

Keepass generates strong password combinations based on character sets and patterns. So users do not have to come up with random passwords by themselves.

* Better management:

User defined icons and titles can be used to make management simpler.

So stop gazing and start using Keepass soon. You will be thankful next time, when a major security breach exposes thousands of passwords into the cyber world..!

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