Know more about Managing VPS

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Know more about Managing VPS

There are managing VPS and unmanaged VPS for hosting your website. Both are having their own advantages and disadvantages. How and when do you choose an unmanaged VPS in India? To know more, read on!

Virtual Private Servers or popularly known as VPS are an affordable great way of hosting your business website. You have the choice of selecting either managed VPS or unmanaged VPS hosting plan available at the hosting provider. You can always choose the hosting provider to manage your hosting. But in case, as a part of cost reduction, you can decide to take up things on your own. Managing VPS needs to be known for the same. HostDime, one of the leaders in VPS hosting solution providers in India explains about managed VPS hosting.

Unmanaged VPS demands technical knowledge of the system to implement it successfully. One needs to have a solid plan regarding the usage of unmanaged VPS. The reason why unmanaged VPS is on the hot seat is because of its affordability and customizability. With an unmanaged plan, all the responsibility happening on the server is completely yours (including the OS and applications) and can be modified or changed according to the requirement. All in the cost of your knowledge of handling VPS for web hosting.

Control Panel is your palette. On the palate, you manage almost everything, from IP addresses, allowing you to shut down, boot and reboot the servers. Managing memory, space and bandwidth can also be done. Control panel is the go-to place when malfunctions occur and need to troubleshoot. 

Managed VPS helps in migrating an existing domain name to a new one. A secured web hosting in India can be done with managed VPS where the business management needs to worry less about the security of the webpage.

The business owner should have a clear understanding of the various possibilities of VPS and should be implemented in a way that profits their business. One can seek service of web hosting provider like HostDime in knowing about application and framework that best suit the VPS. HostDime helps you to manage VPS in the most efficient way. They can set an antivirus software and firewall, also disable features that are a threat to business. Basically, the success of a server depends upon its security and how easily it can handle the load.

Benefits of unmanaged VPS hosting

Now that you know the utility of unmanaged VPS hosting, HostDime, one of the leading VPS hosting providers in India, explains the benefits of the same.

Cost-efficient: It is less expensive than dedicated and managed hosting that means if any person who has a real need of hosting solution according to his budget it is a good option for him because he will get proper network connectivity, speed and software at an affordable cost.

Security: You will configure and manage your server applications, software and operating system on your own and nobody will access your information therefore no need to bother about security issues.

Flexibility: Unmanaged virtual private server provides a high range of flexibility because you have full control to use bandwidth, disk storage, software installation and so forth, you have full remote access that means you are able to make changes in your server as per your needs.

Speed: You don’t need to share bandwidth, disk space and anything else with another user. You have the freedom to use all unlimited resources according to your requirement and no chance of downtime therefore your website runs much faster.

If at any point you feel unmanaged VPS might be a burden and might affect the peace of mind, without doubt, choose managed VPS. Understanding that unmanaged VPS involves too much technicality and might cost you time and human resources. Managed VPS helps you with all the concerns being taken care of by web hosting companies while you think of ideas and brainstorm regarding content and the core business.

Evidently, there are advantages and disadvantages of unmanaged VPS. The main advantage of it is the liberty in customisation and affordability. Expertise and management time is a prerequisite for adopting unmanaged VPS for hosting websites. Both managed and unmanaged VPS have their own advantages and therefore it entirely depends upon the requirement and priority.

There are many companies offering unmanaged VPS servers at their pricing plans. Check HostDime, one of the leading VPS hosting providers, offers both managed VPS and unmanaged VPS hosting solutions in well-priced plans.

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