OSIRIS for web portals via P2P

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OSIRIS for web portals via P2P

Osiris Serverless Portal System commonly known as Osiris sps or Osiris, is a program used to create web portals via peer to peer networking (P2P) and autonomous centralized servers. Osiris is available for Linux Operating Systems and Microsoft Windows. For publishing information on the internet like blogs, content management systems or forums the data of an Osiris portal are shared between all its participants unlike common tools. Written in C++, it is indestructible, decentralized and can be expanded beyond a simple web forum.

Peer to peer computing is an application in which the workload is distributed among its peers. Each peer is equally privileged and equipotent node/participant in the application. To the other participants, portion of the resources like disk storage, network bandwidth and processing power are directly made available.

Here the need for central co-ordination by servers or hosts doesn’t exist. Osiris is a collaboration of this peer-to-peer technology (P2P) and web portals.

Some of the main features of Orisis are:

  • Anyone can create a web portal for free. Special technical knowledge is not required.

  • A full-text search engine is provided by Osiris, which allows for searching across all web portal contents.

  • Lower resource consumption. As the number of users in a portal increases, the workload is distributed among the peers or nodes, which in turn reduces the workload of a single node.

  • Content can be created anonymously. This will allow freedom of speech and expression.

  • Administration is based on a reputation system rather than a central system.

Reputation System

Unlike the traditional central system, where work is always made by the central system, Orisis comes with a distributed approach, where the work is made by the users within the portal. With this approach, each user can give reputation to another user depending on his contribution to the portal. Negative contents like spammers are removed by the system and users with positive reputations are imported.

Upon creating a Osiris portal, a user should choose between two systems of moderation called, ‘anarchist’ and ‘monarchy’. The selected moderation cannot be changed once the portal has been created.

Anarchic Portal

Each user can rate every other user and hence influence other user’s reputation. Here, the web portal could be moderated without any need of a central server.

Monarchic Portal

In monarchy portal, only the portal administrator and moderators, whom the user considered as positive, can generate reputations. So only these users can moderate or delete the content of the portal.

ISIS Gateway

This is a web gateway to Osiris portals, where we can browse a portal without the installation of Osiris. The main advantage of Osiris is that the workload and data is managed by various nodes running Osiris rather than the public server that is running Isis. Web requests from visitors are forwarded to nodes that have become available, hence minimizing the resource consumption. However, all accesses by Isis are read only as anonymity cannot be guaranteed in this architecture.

Research and future plans for stabilization, more speed and utilizing less resource are going on.


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