Sectigo SSL Certificate

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SSL certificates are essential and required for e-commerce and secure transmission. Learn more about the features and utility of Sectigo SSL certificate from the best premier datacenter in India. An…

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WAF, a Popular Automation Tool

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WAF is one among the various popular automation tools like Apache Ant, Bazel, CMake, and Make. Automation tools are used to facilitate the compilation and installation of an application/software/package in…

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NMAP, The Free and Open Source Tool

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In an unsecured scenario, security tools are inevitable to safeguard your system. A plethora of security tools are available in the market for network administrators to make use of. These…

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Features of NewSQL

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NewSQL is a class of modern Relational Database Management System that seek to provide the same scalable performance of NoSQL systems for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and read-write workloads, while…

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MemSQL : SQL based Database Management System

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MemSQL is a distributed SQL based Database Management System. On April 23, 2013, MemSQL launched its first generally available version of the database to the public. In order to process…

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In modern times, we often deal with voluminous number of passwords. For some websites too, we need passwords and applications to log in. Cpanel, WHM, mail accounts and FTP accounts…

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Internet of Things (IOT)

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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects that feature an IP address for Internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices.…

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Gluster is one of the best open source storage platforms, which mainly focuses on dividing the storage and managing the explosive growth of unstructured data. It is isolated from other…

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Ganglia, the scalable distributed monitoring system is meant for high-performance computing systems like Clusters and Grids. Based on a hierarchical design, Ganglia is targeted at federations of clusters. It leverages…

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The graphical front end is what makes VnStat different other monitoring tools available today. It is used to view and monitor bandwidth usage in network traffic. It uses a web…

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In modern days, many varieties of tools are available for developing and managing cloud environment. OpenNebula is one such open source collection of tools for cloud computing and data centre…

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