Features of REDIS

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Redis or Remote Dictionary Server, is an in-memory data structure that can be used as cache, database and message broker. The open source software supports data structures like lists, hashes,…

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LiFi – The next generation in Connectivity

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Technology and innovations have revolutionized the way we live and they in fact made our life easy. Earlier people used to communicate by writing mails and wait for months to…

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  Combine Several Smaller Partition into One Large Virtual Storage. It is a fuse-based file system combines the several mount point to a single one. This mhddfs (fuse) file system…

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N before S

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This is not a word game, still , we have to accept that NAS (Network-Attached Storage) had come to the scene long before SAN (Storage Area Network). Every data storage…

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  Network Time Protocol is a TCP/IP protocol for synchronizing computer clock times over a network. Accurate time across a network is highly important. NTP servers a best solution for…



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For some time, efforts have been going on to dissuade the use of browser fingerprinting thanks to the fraudulent practices it can corroborate. Tracking the users is still a cause…


Apache Subversion (SVN)

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A version control system is considered as an inevitable tool for a developer. It is a repository of files that track and provide control over changes made in a source…

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SQL Injection

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SQL Injection (SQLI) is a code injection technique. Here, the attacker adds Structured Query Language code to a web input box. SQl is the universal language of databases and the…

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