Prevent your server from being hacked

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Prevent your server from being hacked

Millions of websites are being hacked every day at different corners of the globe. Another million websites are prone to be a victim of this unfair phenomenon. A callous approach in maintaining the servers is the chief reason for hacking. The following are some ways by which hacking can be controlled to a great extent.

Use strong root/Admin password for servers:

The most common way of hacking is through root password invasion. A simple password that uses dictionary entries can be hacked easily through brute attacks. For security reasons, it is always advisable to use Passwords, which contain upper case, lower case, numbers and special case characters.

Systematically update Content Management Systems:

Most of the websites are built on Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Out-dated versions of CMS contain vulnerable scripts, which allow hackers to deface the websites. Using out-dated plugins for enhancing the website may also result in installing vulnerable scripts to the hosted location on the server. So make sure that CMS is updated systematically.

Avoid storing CPanel/WHM in browsers:

For easy access to the hosting control panels, we always tend to save the login credentials within the browser itself. This is a common mistake, as performing malwares running on the local machines will first try to fetch data from browser cookies. Once the data is fetched, the link to login page along with username and password will also be fetched by the hacker.

Scan your PC daily using malware scanner:

Scan your PC daily to detect malwares and related vulnerabilities on your local machine. Also perform a scan on the dedicated server at least once in a month.

If the aforementioned steps are followed systematically, then hacks can be limited to a greater extent.

For our clients, we have a ticket system that allows them to reach our technical team. Our Abuse and security team will take necessary actions to resolve the issues at the earliest.

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