Sectigo SSL Certificate

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Sectigo SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are essential and required for e-commerce and secure transmission. Learn more about the features and utility of Sectigo SSL certificate from the best premier datacenter in India.

An SSL certificate is used to make your personal information protected, particularly when it comes to online transactions. It’s a mechanism that works between a user’s browser and the website the user is connecting to. In its software, the website has an SSL certificate issued by a trustworthy authority. Web browsers recognize these certificates. When confidential info needs to be exchanged, SSL is used to encrypt the information before it is sent, and then to decrypt it at the other end, when it has been received.

Credentials are the main tool to access the Internet. Everyone seeks privacy and confidentiality is something to worry about in the digital space. Information such as passwords, credit card details, contact details and such information is considered sensitive and put on high priority privacy information. Securing the information transaction is important on the Internet. To acquire this security on e-commerce websites and web applications, an SSL security certificate, such as the Sectigo SSL certificate is installed to assure customers safe and secure business over the internet.

Business on the internet has been on rising considerably with an exponential increase in the number of online vendors, businesses and shopping business. This has led to data security concerns. Hackers can maliciously intercept and misuse other’s sensitive information. The need to ensure the data information has never been this important. Installing a quality, brand name SSL security certificate is the only way forward to ensure transaction security when using e-commerce websites. The Sectigo SSL certificate is a trusted certificate that helps online businesses to ensure the security of data for customers. This improves their company’s trust and reputation while also reducing liability.

Online reputation is important and crucial for any business to grow these days. It is a major in customer retention and increased market share. High-security features are the only way to make customers feel customer secured while doing an online transaction. A customer when notices the https or the lock symbol or the certificate seal, the customer is ensured about their information safety. They tend to trust the business intentions and perform the transaction without worries. The advantages of using an SSL certificate is briefly explained below.

  1. Credibility: The business tends to be more professional and loyal as it’s governed by an authority.
  2. Increased Traffic: Once your potential client base trusts your site, they are more likely to do business with you. Particularly when you are receiving online transactions, an SSL certificate is key.
  3. More sales: At online checkout, SSL clinches the sales. If you are using a reputable checkout system, it will offer SSL to your buyers for you. But remember, you may still want your own SSL in place for the other reasons listed here.
  4. Information protection: Apart from protecting clients and customer information, an SSL certificate can protect your business and any of the sensitive information as well as online activity.

Sectigo SSL certificate helps e-commerce websites with extra security measures by encrypting every data that passes through the website. Trust and consistency is exhibited by maintaining high-security standards with a Sectigo SSL certificate. An SSL certificate will encrypt the data that is entered by the customer by running it through a strong 128/256 bit encryption algorithm. This makes the encrypted data secured all through the internet. These can only be read after decrypting with a special algorithm in combination with a 128/256 bit key. This protects the data from any data intercepting hackers. The Sectigo SSL certificate improves both traffic and sales for your online business.

By installing the Sectigo SSL certificate on the website, the Sectigo seal can enrich brand recognition for the business. This seal ensures that the customers coming to your site build trust in your online business intentions and customer retention can be maintained by ensuring security. Any website that displays the Sectigo seal communicates a message of secure transactions occurring on the e-commerce platform. The SSL security certificate is a standard tool to determine the security of any online business website or e-commerce Web application.

SSL certificates offered by Sectigo

There are three levels of Sectigo SSL certification: Domain, Enhanced, and Organization. The Domain validation assures the ownership of the domain and the certificate. Enhanced SSL certificate offers high-level security notifying customers through a green address bar. Organization SSL validation is only provided after a background check is done on your business profile.

Sectigo Free SSL certificate is ideal if you wish to check the service for 90 days without a charge. The certificate is issued within minutes and comes with the highest strength 2048 bit signature and 256-bit encryption.

Sectigo SSL certificates are standard SSL certificates claimed to be the quickest and budget-friendly way for any online business to secure customer transaction details. The certificate comes with 2048 bit industry-standard encryption.

The Extended Validation SSL certificate is a 256-bit digital certificate thwarts phishing attacks and strengthens e-commerce security.  The certification is developed by Sectigo and takes 1-3 weeks to acquire as the verification process is extensive. Once acquired, this digital certificate displays the green address bar that comes with the seal and the “Trusted” wording label. This visual assurance lets web visitors know that they’re on a secure site.

A unified Communication SSL certificate is issued within an hour of application. This certificate enables securing multiple domains. The 128/256-bit UC SSL certificate can be used with Microsoft Exchange 2007 or higher office communication server environment.

Sectigo issues Enterprise, Instant and SGC Wildcard SSL certificates. It secures 1 domain and unlimited subdomain with 256-bit encryption. The wildcard SSL certificate comes with all standard features such as https, seal and lock icon on the address bar to instil confidence in customers.

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