Startup Companies focus on Open Source Techniques

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Startup Companies focus on Open Source Techniques


Earlier, IT companies used to endure high initial costs to run operating systems. Even though pirated versions were available, the original versions were absolutely necessary as it was illegal to use pirated versions. Majority of the companies relied on Microsoft Windows as their operating systems and essential IT products like MS Office, SQL database etc. were too expensive. Unfortunately, then the companies didn’t enjoy many alternatives.

Of late, the scenario has changed with the arrival of open source based softwares like Linux, Apache, MySQl etc. These are available for web development processes at very little costs. Open source means the free license to use software anywhere from the world sans any restrictions on using or redistribution. Any company is free to access an open source application, modify it and use the modified version under their trademark. Now, you are saved from the trouble of developing everything from the scratch.

No wonder, these technologies started reflecting positive signs in the bottom line of IT firms, as their operational costs have drastically come down. Some companies rely on cloud computing, by which they use softwares without even installing them. Many of the Open Source-cloud softwares, commonly known as Free Platform as a Service (FPaaS), are the favourite option for start-ups. .

The cloud facilities like Infrastructure as a service (IAAS), Software as a service (SAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS), etc. help the IT companies to enable cost effective business models. Nowadays, Open Source method is used in almost every sector. Most common examples are Application softwares (Mozilla Firefox, Open Office, Chromium etc), Operating systems (Android, Linux, FreeBSD etc), Programming Languages (PHP, Perl, Python etc), Server softwares (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.).

For Example, OpenStack is a free platform, which the users can deploy as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. Superior scalability and support were the main features of the product. Within a short span, it became the most preferred choice of many companies. This shows that IT companies with a good product and strategic vision can take it further using open source techniques. Compared to the last decade, the arrival of open source is a shot in the arm for start-ups.

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