WordPress updates (Feature updates and how it helps bloggers)

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When one think of a blogging platform to work on, WordPress come into act which is one of the free tools available for blogging based on content management system. What makes it the most popular blogging platform is definitely its simplicity which paves the way to use it conveniently and with ease. How about the features and functions of WordPress? Endless. Furthermore, full freedom of the free software can be utilized. If we can peep into a few exciting features, they could be


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Rising Cloud & Vanishing Tapes

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Rising CloudThe rising request for the Cloud is bringing an end to the era of so called Tape silo (also known as Tape robot or Tape Jukebox) though not all of a sudden, but gradually. The Tapes are basically the major source for Mainframe storage medium. Whenever the Mainframe word is used, people do think of the IBM Mainframe, which is actually true. The Mainframe are IBM zSeries machines in usage. Now coming back to the topic, the tapes are still used by Large Industries or Huge companies. The normal example to this is, a Drug/Pharmaceutical Industry. A drug industry have to maintain large amount of data backup of its medicines. It depends upon the drug type, its regulations, etc. for a period of 15, 65, 100 years. None can think keeping these many data for such a long period. Then, we relied over the Tapes. The tapes have really become Old along with the Mainframes. And what’s the drawback in it ? (more…)

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Server Data Protection – Cost Saving Tips

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In the technology oriented modern era, need for data protection holds immense importance. An unprotected data carries the risk of being easily accessible. Hence the importance of disaster recovery to modern businesses is unavoidable. Natural or man-made reasons create disasters and the recovery techniques always come at a price. It is important for businesses to implement cost effectiveness in disaster recovery. Data protection through servers is possible by replicating the data remotely and making it accessible for data restoration and migration. Data should not get corrupted and should be easily restored. Let us now discuss the currently available data storage options. Small physical hard drives are better options for storing fewer amounts of data. Open source tools like rsync is also used for synchronizing data between local machines and remote servers. But these cost efficient tools have limitations while processing large data sets. NAS and SAN storages as well as cloud storage systems are used widely for backing up large data in remote servers. (more…)

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Microsoft Exchange, as Hosted Servers

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MicrosoftWith the growth of technologies, soft communication and its media have also increased in larger volumes in different formats like e-mail, voice mail, instant message etc… As time progresses, these communication grow bulkier and hence there is a need to eliminate this overload like, specifying rules on how to communicate each other without mixing up the personal life and work, easily communicate with globally distributed customers aside to the development of the business, perhaps to make sure communication cost effective and of course keep it secure against malicious software threats. Exchange server is the one such complete communication system that is designed by Microsoft Corporation. (more…)

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SaaS (Software as a Service)

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In today’s business world, the need for software is indisputable. From shipment tracking to inventory management, software applications hold the key. The days of running software on internal infrastructure have gone, as companies are now migrating to software as a business model (Saas) from software license purchase model. Saas is one of the cloud computing service models. Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) are other cloud computing service models. (more…)

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