The HD Cloud: An Introduction

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The HD Cloud: An Introduction

HostDime is inarguably one of the best cloud solution providers in India. Their relation with their clients and how they manage the cloud for businesses is something interesting. This article puts a light on how the right cloud service provider can be found and why HostDime is one of the best in India.

Cloud helps to keep digital data organised, control expenses and cuts the need of employing any in house IT professional. The best part for the organisation seeking cloud support is that they can take care of their business without worrying much about IT security, maintenance and support. The service also makes it convenient for employees present in different remote locations to access information, collaborate with the team online and enhance the workflow.

Choosing a reliable cloud service is a serious matter as there are an umpteen number of service providers right now. In this article, we look into some key factors in determining the right professional cloud service provider. 

  1. Understanding your Business.
    The cloud service provider should understand the business requirements and objectives. The provider should not just focus on the technical benefits, rather should also highlight how your business will gain through the cloud services such as higher customer retention and so on.

  2. Proficiency
    Seek a company that are experts in the field and have been working on the same for a considerable period. For instance, if your business deals in financial services or healthcare, opt for a niche provider that has expertise in your specific vertical market.

  3. Security
    Security needs to be the key factor while choosing a cloud service provider in India. Storing data regarding the company outside its premise is a concern. This welcomes worry about the security of data stored in the cloud. Leading cloud service providers like HostDime explain to you the security measures installed to secure your business data and who all can access the data.

  4. Add-ons
    Cloud service providers offer a wide range of add-on features and services. Always check the utility of the add-ons or features and if your business really needs them. Check for pricing and always pay for your requirements.

  5. Trust-worthy company
    It is important that you select companies that are trustworthy and reliable. HostDime has been in business of hosting and virtual servers for over decades  with a great list clientele. Do business with a reputable cloud vendor that gives importance to security and considers your trust and success their top priority. Do thorough research, ask questions, and go through the testimonials before finalizing the cloud service provider.

HostDime provides personalized support, ease of use, intuitive UI and customizable specs. Every 3 second lost in loading time of the site is a loss for your business. HostDime is known for its supercharged servers which are quick and reliable.

A Unix Bench test done for various servers under the same technical spec found that HostDime servers respond far better than the competitors. The test checks the overall system performance when running single and multiple hands. The Input/ Output Operations Per Second test was performed on HostDime servers. The test determines the performance in storage systems such as hard disk drives, solid state drives, and storage area networks. The test results show a promising outcome for HostDime over the competitors.

HostDime cloud is scalable, highly available and has been reliable for more than 2 decades. According to requirement, CPU, RAM and disk space can be scaled up. The server also provides perfect uptime and durability. On-demand backup allows you to clone your server with snapshots. With latest innovative technologies for Enterprise grade processors and industry’s best SSDs to create instant infrastructure makes HostDime is undoubtedly one of the leading cloud provider choices for your organisation.

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