Why KVM VPS is required ahead of Shared and Reseller Hosting ?

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Why KVM VPS is required ahead of Shared and Reseller Hosting ?

HostDime now focuses more on Managed VPS/Virtual Machines based around Virtualization technology known as KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine). Using KVM VPS product we can offer shared and reseller hosting in a more private, customizable, and secured environment. Our state-of-the-art data center hosts these SSDs and it has been upgraded with a fiber 10 Gbps, which is imperative for speedy results. All Linux, Windows, and custom OS options are supported with these virtual machines.

A few reasons why the KVM VPS is a massive improvement over Shared and Reseller hosting are given below:

Protection from other accounts :

While using KVM VPS, other users in the same server cannot disturb you. Even if, another user runs scripts that are overpowering or if another user runs out-dated software that poses a security risk, the service will remain fully intact and protected.

Dedicated IP :

KVM VPS account has its own dedicated IPs. This gives total control of the mailing environment. With shared and reseller hosting, spam messages from another user may list the IP as malicious. With the KVM VPS accounts, the user will be the only one sending and receiving mail through the IP. This means the user can control his own mailing reputation. In a business scenario, where emails are the key this holds significance.

Dedicated Resources :

KVM virtualization totally isolates each individual virtual machine on the host node. It has its own dedicated CPU and RAM resources in addition to a totally isolated kernel, operating system and control panel. It fully customizes your web server, mysql server, php, mail server, and other installations on the server to totally fit the client- needs. Using this, a custom PHP module can be easily loaded.

Upgraded Xeon CPU :

For the highest level of processing capacity and efficiency we rely on the latest Xeon E5-26xx V3 and V4 CPUs.

Similar to cPanel/WHM Interface :

KVM VPS products offer the same features of cPanel / WHM interface that you are used to, but free of cost. Coupled with our fully managed support, the user now enjoys the same tools that have been in place, in addition to some new features restricted only to the server administrator. Now the user can maximize what they get from the server environment.

cPanel Update :

As you have full control over the VPS, you can choose to run your cPanel/WHM control panel on the “Release” path, which means that you will be among the first to receive the latest features of cPanel. Recently, cPanel set the newest control panel version, 11.56, to “Release”, which adds user-friendly features such as a simple web site builder and much more!

Lightning Disk Technology :

A unique configuration has been developed for KVM VPS accounts at HostDime. Most providers rely on single machines with CPU, Ram and Disks as host nodes. We run SAN-based configurations. This means our host nodes only run CPU and RAM and the Disk system is exported, over a 10Gbps fibre secure private network, to an SSD SAN running enterprise. SSD drives hardware RAID10 with multiple cache cards for better performance. Even though there is hardly any difference at the front end, the back-end gives some of the best I/O performance. KVM VPS will definitely assist you in delivering the content to the client quickly and efficiently.

Free migration :

The fully managed services of HostDime allows to migrate all the shared / reseller hosting packages from the respective shared servers to the new KVM VPS account. In case, if the shared / reseller packages are with other providers, the same will also get migrated soon. The migration package is absolutely free if it is a cPanel to cPanel or Plesk to Plesk migration. But the user needs to take care of the DNS name server updates for the hosted domains at the registrar level. If the domains are registered with HostDime, we can help. Otherwise it is better to migrate the same to us and enjoy a fully managed operations service on offer.

Inexpensive :

Don’t wait for HostDime KVM VPS account, which is now available at 20% recurring monthly discount. Our most popular VPS package (VPS1), is now only available at just ₹ 3,000.00 per month. To take advantage of this limited time offer, enter HAPPYDIME at the checkout.

In case of multiple shared or reseller hosting packages, it is important to migrate and consolidate billing of those packages to the KVM VPS product within the limited time and at discounted rates. For getting in touch with our Sales / Support team, use the link below – get in touch.

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