WordPress updates (Feature updates and how it helps bloggers)

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WordPress updates (Feature updates and how it helps bloggers)


When one think of a blogging platform to work on, WordPress come into act which is one of the free tools available for blogging based on content management system. What makes it the most popular blogging platform is definitely its simplicity which paves the way to use it conveniently and with ease. How about the features and functions of WordPress? Endless. Furthermore, full freedom of the free software can be utilized. If we can peep into a few exciting features, they could be

Simplicity – How to code? Lack of knowledge and experience? Not at all a problem! You cannot find a simpler, user friendly interface to work with.

Upload pictures, insert all the media – You need to drag and drop. File uploader takes it to your website and it is just a click away for your posts to be on the web through this wonderful publishing platform.

Content management – Don’t want everybody to watch your content? Make it private. Secure your posts with a password. No need? Then go ahead to post it public. You can even schedule it to publish later.

Afraid of mistakes? WordPress will help you check spelling and grammar.

Make it look beautiful and attractive – Use the default themes or create on your own. Use theme repository

Get interactive features – Receive feedback and comments about your posts and enter into discussions.

Don’t prefer English? No issues. WordPress is available in many languages. Yes, multilingual.

Easy to install and upgrade – Just a single click. You may use softaculous or fantastico.

It’s free! – Use it as you wish, modify. Enjoy the freedom it offers.

Plugin repository – For the plugins you created.

Weblog aka blog thus gets posted using the weblog client software like WordPress. They help you work offline. These blogging softwares are a kind of CMS (Content Management System). Administration Panel allows you in processing your blog and publish it in website, quickly and easily.

WordPress helps bloggers. How?

This can be counted from some of the features of WordPress like the ease of uploading images and media, facility to work offline and then publish the post once you get connected to the internet, the user-friendly and simple interface it provide, facility for taking backups, remarkable speed and a lot more. Bloggers, you need not worry if you want to change your host. Importers will make it easy for you.

Feeds, archives, blog rolls also help bloggers.

Posts can be archived in many ways based on dates, months, year, alphabetic order and even author. Thus organizing can be done smoothly in order to present you blog efficiently. Those in search of new posts can seek the help of feeds to access the site for latest contents. Link manager in WordPress help you to reach the blog sites. Blog roll which is a list of links to such blogs will be managed by this Link manager in WordPress.

Are you aware of an interesting fact that the WordPress releases since the version 1.0 are named in honour of Jazz musicians admired by WordPress code developers.

Major releases are in every 6 months. Latest stable version is WordPress Version 3.8

Planned versions to release in 2014 are 3.9 and 4.0 . While predictions are made for the upcoming versions, we need to wait and see what exciting features they come up with!


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