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When you order a server with HostDime, you are given access to our Core Management Portal. This portal was created in-house for quick and easy management of all aspects of your server. For developers and programmers, HostDime has created a simple API for Core that allows you to access and control your services via a wide variety of actions.

What it can be used for

Nearly anything that be performed in Core may be executed via the API. The requests you can make are almost endless; create custom results that meet your goals. For example, starting, stopping, or rebooting your VPS can be executed by any programming language that you are able to create an HTTP request with in the Sandbox. Manage your server remotely, retrieve monitoring data and bandwidth graphs, edit domain information, reply to support tickets, charge invoices, and so much more with our convenient API.

HostDime has also provided basic wrappers for the API to allow you to get started quickly. The PHP, Ruby, and Node.JS wrappers were created to simplify the process if you don’t want to concern yourself with the specific internal workings. The Core API is exclusively for HostDime clients at no additional cost. What are you waiting for? Request a key and get started now!


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