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OSIRIS for web portals via P2P

Osiris Serverless Portal System commonly known as Osiris sps or Osiris, is a program used to create web portals via peer to peer networking (P2P) and autonomous centralized servers. Osiris is available for Linux Operating Systems and Microsoft Windows. For publishing information on the internet like blogs, content management systems or forums the data of… Read more »

Now Vim comes with a change

Mr. Bill Joy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems and BSD Unix, founded Vim after he failed to find a text editor tool in 1976. Emacs which was available then simply couldn’t meet his needs. When people with less technical knowledge rely on graphical interface of text editors, program developers prefer Vim or Emacs text editor… Read more »

Virtualization: A necessity in modern hosting

Mainframe computers launched in the late 1950s are considered as the pioneers of Virtualization. Although virtualization has considerably advanced over the last 60 years, the driving need for this technology was always relevant from then. Its importance lies in the fact that, IT professionals always prefer controlled, secured and centralized management of computing environments in… Read more »

WebRTC for multiple tasks

Real-time web communication plays a major role in the digital world. It can be used for multiple tasks but peer-to-peer audio and video communication is the notable feature. In 2011, Google has declared browser based real time communication (WebRTC) as their open source project. Earlier, the user needs to create an account and download special… Read more »

The most powerful pfSense firewall

There are two types of firewalls in use. One is for system / server to control the users, services, ports, packets etc., and the other one is meant to control interactions between the system/server and another network. When you are connected with an external network the role of firewall is so crucial. Nowadays, every network… Read more »

Dirty COW Vulnerability

  More internet challenges are sprouting up as technology is sharpening its focus. One of the recently reported bugs is the privilege alteration or dirty COW vulnerability in the Linux kernel. The vulnerability emanates from the Resource Optimisation Strategy and Copy-on-write (COW) of the Kernel’s memory handler; hence it is termed as dirty COW [CVE-2016-5195…. Read more »


Free is a word that can attract all categories of customers. No matter how trivial the offerings are ‘Free’ can catch instant attention. For a beginner, Free Hosting Service is one of the few chances to seize, and is a perfect alternative for those amateur webmasters. What is Free Hosting? Free Hosting is a service… Read more »

Apache Sparking for Fast Computing

Apache Spark is known for cluster computing designed for lightning fast computing. Although it is built on Hadoop MapReduce, it extends the MapReduce model to efficiently use more types of computations like Interactive Queries and Stream Processing. It also functions as a tutorial that explains the basics of Spark Core programming. The main feature of… Read more »