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Why Engintron..?

Undoubtedly Apache HTTP software is the most popular web server used across the world. It is the web server component of the popular LAMP. It was developed in the year 1995. It was developed by Robert McCool. Because of its wide popularity it has gained documentation and integrated supports from other software projects. It can be considered as a pioneer in the Web server world. Even though it has a long history of reliability performance, it is known to have some performance issues in times of heavy traffic. Apache is also known to be hard with the server memory. It has to spawn new processes at times of concurrent connections. So the memory and CPU consumption will be more.

Nginx was developed to address some of these performance issues of Apache. Nginx was developed to serve as fast as possible. It was also targeted to provide other services other than just web serving. It is a capable reverse proxy and can also function as a load balancer. Apache is known for some performance issues under heavy load. Inorder to mitigate this issues, we can deploy Nginx in front of Apache. This drops the CPU/RAM consumption by Apache thus the server will have more resources to work with. Configuring both the web servers together can definitely be a great boost to the server. Nginx has been adopted by major hosting companies to increase website performance times. But one of the major software provider, cPanel doesn’t fully support it. There are many free and commercial plugins available for WHM/cPanel.

Here we will mention about Engintron, the most easiest way to integrate nginx on a cPanel server. It provides a graphical interface which allows to easily configure it on a cPanel server via WHM. Nginx directly serves all the static file contents instead of Apache and there by lowers the server load. Micro caching is one of the added advantages of Engintron. It is an additional caching layer which is highly effective in the case of traffic spikes.


Engintron is compatible with the CentOS version 5, 6 and 7 on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Also it is 100% compatible with CloudLinux versions 6 & 7. Installation is a simple procedure and will be completed within few minutes. The root access is required for the installation.

The steps:

cd /

rm -f engintron.sh

wget –no-check-certificate https://raw.githubusercontent.com/engintron/engintron/master/engintron.sh

bash engintron.sh install


After the installation Engintron can be controlled via the user interface under Plugins section from WHM. The interface allows to get the system status, the top processes process tree and it allows to control services and restart them from the Engintron interface itself. Also nginx custom configurations can be managed at front end itself. Also the controls for Apache, PHP & MySQL are included. It is also possible to enable or disable engintron from the WHM interface with a single click.

Installing Engintron on the cPanel server will accelerate even your slowest websites on the server and the server capacity will be improved remarkably.

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