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Combine Several Smaller Partition into One Large Virtual Storage. It is a fuse-based file system combines the several mount point to a single one. This mhddfs (fuse) file system allow to mount in a single one mount point. This will be helping to combines multiple hard drives or network file system. This system is like unionfs and it can choose the drive which has the free and that can be combined together.

There are multiple ways to combine the disk together, this can be the essayist and the smart one. It is a virtual partition. Mhddf will merge contents of the partitions and it shows a single big partition.

The main advantages can be no need to move and backup existing data on the partition, also easily implemented in fuse and allows a regular user to mount and unmount the file system.

How it works ? You mount multiple file systems using this driver in a directory, then the driver intercepts almost all file operations and distributes data between file systems in such a way as to obtain a shared file system. If some of the devices place finishes, the driver is transparent to the application transfer file with which it works on another device. Thus applications operate on data volumes approximately equal to the total volume of all mounted file systems.

All your storage devices creates a single virtual pool and it can be mounted right at the boot. This small utility takes care of, which drive is full and which is empty and to write data to what drive, intelligently. Once you create virtual drives successfully, you can share your virtual file system using SAMBA. Your client will always see a huge drive and lots of free space.

The features will be, it will get the attributes of the file system and system information and it will set attributes of the file system, also helps to add or remove and write directories and files. Support for file locks and Hard links on single device.

Let see an example if we have 3 hard disk or partition, and you have large amount of data library (videos and audios etc..) and we cannot store the entire data volume to a single partition, you have to split the data and need to store. While this is a no-brainier, you will have a hard time managing your files, as all of them are now scattered all over the place. There are few solutions to over come this, you can have a bigger hard drive and store the data but that will cost a lot. Another thing is that you can set up RAID that can be used either. But the lack of redundancy could be a cause for concern.

Mhddf is a fuse file system module that allows to combine several portion (or hard disk) into one single virtual drive. Instead of handling multiple drives can handle in one drive.


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