Colombia Data Center: Robust and Reliable

HostDime is one of the few companies who is able to service data center infrastructure physically located in Colombia.

HostDime has been operational in Colombia since 2008 with a sales/support office and a data center in Bogotá to service an array of Data Center Infrastructure services locally in the country. Colombia is the fourth largest market in Latin America for data centers, following Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, and is growing at 20% per year. Specializing in local Colombia Data Center Infrastructure is crucial for local enterprises, businesses, bank institutions, and international companies who seek services locally in the Colombia region. HostDime is one of the few companies who is able to service Data Center Infrastructure physically in Colombia. HostDime is proud to offer all new Colombia VPS, Colombia dedicated servers, and Colombia colocation services physically located in Colombia.

Photo of Edwin Tello

Edwin Tello

Director of HD Colombia

Edwin Tello has been the Director of HostDime Colombia since 2008. He holds a degree in Information Technology from the University of Ibague and is currently working toward a post-baccalaureate degree in Business Administration. Edwin manages the daily operations of HostDime Colombia and has been instrumental in achieving the company’s objectives for international expansion and growth. He believes that a company’s success comes from having a strong and dedicated team, which can be achieved by advancing education and enhancing training.

Colombia Data Center in Bogotá

HostDime's Tier IV certified Colombia data center is located in Bogotá; Tier IV certification means this location must have 99.995% availability, or only about 26 minutes of downtime per year. The data center currently has over 3500 square feet of usable rack space. The primary objective in designing this facility was to ensure both electrical and mechanical systems were efficiently maintained to support scalability and sustain principal performance. This facility features multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, with one path being redundant (N+1 redundancy). This allows us to provide 99.995% availability. The data center is highly-secure, featuring open door sensors throughout the building, CCTV recordings archived for seven days, and entry controls including biometric sensors.

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Data Center Facility

  • Capacity for 700 racks, each with 1.2 meters distance, providing enough space to dissipate heat and make repairs on servers
  • Completely independent 700 square meter rooms
  • Open door sensors throughout the building
  • Entry controls including biometric sensors
  • Access controls using proximity card keys
  • High resolution IP cameras with high sensitivity day/night levels
  • CCTV recordings archived for 7 days
  • Substantial capacity for fault tolerance that ensures maximum service availability
  • Spare parts warehouse to respond immediately to any failure that may arise
  • 24/7 technicians on site
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High Availability Power

  • Electrical infrastructure designed for high availability based on concepts of scalability and redundancy
  • Redundancy achieved through a structure comprised of physically isolated independent components
  • Solution consists of 2 electrical substations and 4 transformers
  • These transformers create a solution with 2 N redundancy
  • Emergency power supply system composed of 2 power plants, each with 9750 KVA generators
  • Balance load system between generators to ensure no energy failure
  • Two 1200 gallon underground fuel tanks that feed the base tank located in each generator
  • Fuel distribution ensures a minimum autonomy of 72 hours
Data Center Address: Zona Franca Tocancipa, Tocancipá, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Business Address: Torre Empresarial Oficina 603, Centro Comercial SantaFe, Calle 185 No 45-03, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia
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